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Portuguese Colonial War

Video in french
Thanks from Jimmyb
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There are many friends of the Portuguese colonial war.
First - about the war or guerrilla that my country had in its excolonies, I have no pride at all.
Second) many young people from the age of 19 and 20 were forced to join the troop.
Third I say and tell millions of Portuguese in Portugal and spread across the five continents of the world. All the young Portuguese that went to the colonial wars ... (it was cannon fodder)
Room 4. Was a lost war, because of the egoism of the Portuguese dictatorship ruled by Antonio Oliveira Salazar during 43 plus 5 years with Marcelo Caetano.
Fifth. All the information and images that we Portuguese see today, was only from 25 April 1974.
Sixth 6. In my opinion the colonial wars that portugal had, only helped my country to be delayed for example in technology etc. etc.
Seventh 7. When it happened on 25 April 1974 - here I would like you to talk more about what I am going to say and forget I say in quotes. The politicians of the country called the united states of america, spoke to spain to attack portugal at that time the franc of spain was ill, and told the americans that he was not and said, if such did the war with portugal.That the Portuguese would never forgive Spain. Frank friends of spain was smart and sorry my latin american politics were dumb.
America threatened portugal take account of the azores america asked the spain to attack portugal but they were neutral help from america to spain was in military aid.then I think franco de españa thought portugal has his wars and guerrillas for 16 years in his colonies , We Spaniards are many, but the Spaniards are ill prepared for a war or guerrilla war with portugal (I say this a supposition of mine.For example franco of spain declares war to portugal, and portugal sees the azores annexed by america, friends was very easy portugal requested support of arms of war to russia, to protect us from the enemies of portugal that was to be spain and america, and Portugal as it is located to the south of europe is a strategic point. Imagine portugal to have an alliance with portugal and portugal to have atomic bombs of russia as had cuba, if this happened still today all of europe tremble with portugal, you may think that it is a blah blah For my part, friends is not bla bla is the story.to finish just say this portugal is in the european union has a currency that is the euro and is not our currency the portuguese currency is the escudo. Portugal belongs to born. Friends I do not trust in the born as I do not trust the European Union. For me the European Union was to extract the wealth of the countries that has little technology.
proverb por ( Friends friends but business apart » por» amigos amigos mas negócios á parte.
With the fear of the politics of america that communism entered portugal.
Was almost because of your distrust, although very beautiful portugal emerge from a dictatorship and enter into communism because of mistrust, well the American policy can thank the franc of spain, if frank goes in the letter of america maybe even today portugal and spain walked In war.and hatred among the Iberians was going to keep centuries friends I spoke of history.
Live the portugal live the whole world and live the peace.
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Originally Posted by avlis View Post

Do you hear Portuguese speaking to the fire?

para o fogo - stop fire

The Portuguese soldiers are little more than 20 years old.
Conolial wars helped the delay of more population, in the era of reproduction went to the wars, and many did not return, they were abandoned until the present day, many came without legs without arms and so on. And the help of the Portuguese state is little, portugal dictatorship democratic America, I do not know which of the two give the best treatment for those who fight for the flag of their countries, America with its democracy also did not give the necessary support to its military, as well as Portugal also barely gave it, is the real story about america still today we saw military that were in iraq were without legs scions etc were abandoned by the american state, as portugal did the same as its military and the history of humanity continues always with wars , And for what if all are country and children?
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