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Beware The Trump Dignity Loss Horizon Event

It may say “Oval Office” outside the oval office, but Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here would be more accurate. Even a brief review of Trump’s past quickly reveals claim after claim of calamities left in his wake.

Reports of bills unpaid, businesses ruined, investors hung out high and dry, lenders left holding the bag, and reputations destroyed are easy to find. But, up until last fall, the pattern was mostly confined to people and organizations who had the misfortune of encountering Trump the private citizen-bully.

Now, it’s everyone, the Republican Party, We the People, and anyone under Trump’s teeny-tiny executive thumb:

[Rosenstein] now joins a legion of Trump Dignity Wraiths, men and women (though mainly men) of once vaunted reputations or at least public prestige who have been reduced to mere husks of their former selves after crossing the Trump Dignity Loss Event Horizon.

Coming into the orbit of Mr. Trump, taking his yoke as it were, requires not only total submission, a total relaxation of every muscle and defense but a farewell to all independence and dignity. … Look at Chris Christie, a once strong-arming figure now reduced to being the iconic symbol of a shudder-inducing, oddly voluntary and seemingly perpetual cycle of abject humiliation.

The victims of Trump’s tantrums within the very party supporting him are already legion and include stalwarts like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and John McCain. Business, media, and celebrities who stray into the Trump event horizon and are shredded in sacrifice to the Trump clan are equally numerous.

It is entirely likely that Trump will consume the soul of the Republican Party and leave it in ruins; a rot that may engulf the whole nation given a chance.

Which begs the question of why Republicans, or anyone else, continue to voluntarily offer up their essence to the Skeksis.

Fair warning: Rosenstein is only the latest victim to be casually bled dry in service of the ruling family’s insatiable greed and Mr. Trump’s alarming paranoia. He won’t be the last.

Warning to all: Beware of the Trump Dignity Loss Event Horizon
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One thing we know for sure. Trump is a "USER" of the highest order....and it's absolutely astonishing the number of people begging to be used and manipulated. If we hadn't seen it ourselves WHO WOULD HAVE thunk that Christie would allow himself to be so exploited. He always seemed like a pretty strong-willed politician, but as the piece states, Christie has been reduced to ashes.
John McCain?? Not so much...but then McCain is at the end of his political career. McCann says the Russia probe WILL MOVE forward.
Marco Rubio is a 12 yr old and Floridians should be whipped with a wet noodle for reelecting him.
Lindsay Graham wins the "Brain Dead Award" with comments like 'it's the president's perogative to fire Comey and I support it'. Nothing about continuing the probe.

In a strange way, this may actually unite a portion of the partisan divide--separate the men from the boys, so to speak. We'll see. What we do know is that MANY on the GOP side did NOT support Trump as a candidate and do NOT support Trump now. Maybe that list will grow.
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