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Hi. I'm A Republican. I'm Here To Help

Reagan was part right and it pains me to say that, the true words Americans should fear are not “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” but “I’m a republican and I’m here to help”. In my lifetime the republicans have helped no one but the top 10% of the population and the companies that employ them and for the most part they have done a lot of damage to them also.

Republicans plan to “improve” medicare was to pass an unfunded prescription drug bill that increased costs and cut shorter the amount of time medicare was funded for. They put more stress on the system and as expected just a few years later now they are claiming it’s a failing system and needs to be destroyed.

That is how republicans work, they pass bill claiming it’s so they can help the American people but really it’s so they can destroy something and than replace it or privatize it just a few years later.

Republicans pushed through a bill years ago that caused the post office to fund their pension for the next 75 years and they had to do it in 10 years. Up until this point the post office was running a surplus but these new regulations not only ate the surplus but put the post office into debt. Now in 2017 republicans are using the post office being in debt as an example of why they need to pass a law that eliminates civil servant protections including the right to unionize and receive pensions.

They manufactured a crisis and now they’re running in to solve it by destroying unions, pensions and privatization.

You hear Trump lie to the willfully ignorant that Obamacare will die on it’s own, that is a lie and should be the lie of the decade.

Yes many insurance companies are pulling out of Obamacare but not because of rising costs or losing money but because of things republicans have done the last 6 years to gut the bill and because of what Donald Trump himself has been doing. They’ve put an end to some subsidies, put and end to the risk funding and not expanded medicaid in some states as expected. While republicans have not fired the death shot they have stabbed Obamacare enough to gravely wound it and insurance companies are leaving before it dies.

Of course when republicans do something and claim it’s to help people you can usually just follow the money.

When they made online poker illegal by going after the banks etc. for funding the sites they claimed it was to help people and I’m sure it had nothing to do with the millions they received from Vegas and Sheldon Adelson.

They couldn’t kill it on their own so they had to sneak it into a military funding bill and any democrats who opposed it they screamed “he hates our troops”.

That is how they work, when they know something won’t pass or that it will be unpopular they sneak it into another bill and hope no one notices.

They promote Trumpcare as a great plan meant to help people when in reality it’s just a Yuge tax cut for the wealthiest Americans at the expense of the poor and working families. But that is who republicans represent the wealthiest Americans, they’re willing to destroy the environment and destroy families or worse allow people to suffer and die just as long as the Koch brothers or the Walton family don’t have to spend an extra .10 cents.

As long as they can keep blaming the poor for the middle class not living like they used to and having the middle class and poor fight a civil war they can keep us enslaved and keep the willfully ignorant on their side.

The greatest fear of any politician is that the poor and middle class unite and take our country back, they’ve fought since the 1980’s to make sure that didn’t happen.

I'm a republican, I'm here to help
Thanks from Hollywood
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I have had Republicans try to proclaim that the Federal Government undoing the (Obama) rule that prevents ISPs from selling your browsing habits / personal information without consent was an example of how the federal government was inept and couldn't get things right.

The Dems institute a good policy.
Repubs revoke it.
Votes along party lines.

And their own party's deleterious effects are an example of how the government can't be trusted.

And you forgot international affairs.
Saddam Hussein was propped up and elevated in power by who? The United States.
To later justify Repub claims that yet another regime change was needed.
To put in another government which has been noted for civil rights violations and atrocities. Which I'm sure the Repub populace will forget all about in a few decades and insist that we now need to overthrow them...
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