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Originally Posted by Clara007 View Post
Comparing Obama's first year to Trump's first year is hardly a fair comparison. Obama walked into the worst recession in our life times. Trump walked into a well-recovered economy with a decent unemployment rate. Apples and Kumquats.
Could you repeat his full term numbers.
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Originally Posted by Twisted Sister View Post
I have never met a professional liberal. What do they look and smell like?

edit: I am being nice
Well, first I'm not referring to the wealthiest liberals who want a similar dollaraucracy as Republicans(but appear generous in public), and made most Democrat politicians as dependent on them for funding and post-politics rewards as GOP candidates are on their generous billionaires.

I'm referring to 'who' the DNC strategists thought would turn out at the polls for them. Starting with most tenured professors at major universities for one(except in economics departments these days that have been deluged with generous funding from rightwing policy thinktanks), most scientists, engineers, doctors and computer techies of all types. Let's just say the demographics that the Clinton/DLC Democrats thought would keep growing in the "information economy" and were aiming for to replace blue collar workers with in the new century. This is who Clinton was talking to when he declared "the era of big government is over," as he proceeded to cut deals with Newt Gingrich and Republican lawmakers to cut all non-military federal spending programs/while shining the spotlight on all the identity issues that even the wealthiest liberals hold dear. Add in a few...but fewer policies targeted towards their "captive constituencies"-- black and brown minorities, along with promoting a few token black and brown politicians who follow the company line, and that in a nutshell is how I think the center of the Democratic Party planned out its future...and why it has been steadily shrinking ever since!

The problem is that now, the Democratic Party leaders may know they have to change and find policies that bring back their old base, but between their rich donors and those loud, six figure a year professional liberals that think they have all the answers, the Party is doomed to continue dwindling and will disappear if its possible for third parties to push weaker parties aside.
*for that matter, base Republicans haven't been happy with their party either, so the same thing could happen to them in a time of growing uncertainty and impending economic decline.
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Originally Posted by caconservative View Post
Now there's some Liberal spin. All it took was Trump saying the swamp was going to be drained to spark a recovery. Add to that Trump's economic plan and business began to come alive.

Right. Now tell us how everything is going in Hooterville.
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