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Which job is better, being a State Governor or US Senator?

I have read recently that US Senator Bob Corker is giving up his seat, and there are rumors that he wants to become the Governor of Tennessee. The Governor of Tennessee, a one Bill Haslam, who I think is term limited, wants to be a US Senator.

Which makes me wonder, which job is the better job, to be a Senator or a Governor?

The advantages of being a Governor would be executive experience, but this can also be a drawback because he Governor as the leader will get blamed if something goes wrong. Another nice thing is that the Governor gets free housing in the Governor's mansion, however most, not all but most Governors and Senators are already wealthy and have their own homes.

A US Senator has a lot of prestige, with the opportunity to be on the national stage and in the media much more than being a state governor. Someone like Rand Paul gets a lot more spotlight as a Senator, as the governor of Kentucky, he would be, not so much a nobody, but lesser than perhaps than being a Senator.

A Senator has to get their own housing also, plus maintain a home in their home state (unless I am wrong). This was over fifty years ago, but the wife of the late Hubert Humphrey stated that actually they were not rich people, not poor but having to maintain two homes was sort of a burden. However, a lot of these guys now are wealthy and can do this.

You would also have to live in Washington DC, a city which property prices are expensive, plus to just live in Washington DC itself, which for me would not be appealing at all. The climate, the city itself. Nut the governor of Tennessee has to live in Nashville, and Nashville sort of sucks unless you are into shit kicking music.

I have said here before that being a US Senator has to be a fun job because many of these people stay there until they are super old and/or die. Ted Kennedy stayed on until death, and so will John McCain. Only one guy in Tennessee history was a Governor and a Senator, Lamar Alexander (that old coot who is rarely in the news, been there forever, whose wife's name is Honey, a name which only should be reserved do denizens of a stripper pole). Alexander has been a Senator for many years, and has been in politics for 40 years.

So, which is a better job in your opinion, a Governor or Senator?
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I think it depends on the person's end game. Do they ultimately want to run for the presidency?? Cabinet position?
Do they want the autonomy of Governorship? Or the camaraderie of the Senate?
Financially, aren't they about equal? Except for housing?
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