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Country Over Cause

Pretty Much Says It All

The Democratic Party needs to develop a campaign of big ideas and vision of the future. Too long has the ideological high ground been ceded to the right. Too long has the Democratic Party leadership message been mired in minutia of issue policy specifics.

The right has focused on vague slogans and emotional appeals. The left has been losing out. The first Obama campaign showed the power of a broad, emotional vision for the future. The message of “hope” excited and motivated a huge number of citizens more than an specific policy stand.

Blinded by greed, solipsism, and hubris the right wing has no sense of honor for country. Every issue, every policy option is weighed according to a simple calculus of personal benefit. If it benefits me, my family or my allies then it gets the Aye. If it doesn’t, then Nay. Simple. That vision is what they have sold and ran on since the dawn of Taint Ronnie.

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Republicans have forfeited the high ground on many issues in their spineless support of Don the Con. No longer can they claim to be the party of family values. No longer can they claim to be the law and order party after their repeated vicious attacks on those institutions. No longer can they claim to be the party of national defense after cowering in the face of Russia’s attacks on our electoral process. In short, they have bankrupted themselves on those issues as a result of their efforts to shield this con man in office. The door is wide open. The Democrats should be able top drive a truck through it at this point.
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