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REALLY? Anderson Cooper Filets Wingnut Rep Who Never Heard Trump Tell a Lie

REALLY? Anderson Cooper Filets Wingnut Rep Who Never Heard Trump Tell a Lie

There is a devoted congregation of Donald Trump cultists whose ability to discern fiction from reality is severely deficient. That's why so many of them are oblivious to the fact that Trump lies multiple times nearly every time he speaks. And the lies are not merely innocent misstatements of fact. They are often so far removed from reality that only someone who has given up on the real world could believe him.

The real tragedy of this is that some of those cultists are currently members of Congress. One them, Freedom Caucus leader Jim Jordan (Nutcase, OH), was interviewed by CNN's Anderson Cooper on Monday and demonstrated what a wholly consumed StormTrumper looks and acts like.

Consider this exchange (transcript below; video at https://www.newscorpse.com/ncWP/?p=37633):

Cooper: You’ve got to admit, this president has said things which are just demonstrably not true time and time again. The list is a very long one, almost on a daily basis.
Jordan: I think Andrew McCabe has said things that weren’t true and was fired because of it.
Cooper: So you’re very bold in calling out Andrew McCabe, not so bold on the president of the United States. You haven’t heard the president lie?
Jordan: I’ve not heard the president … He’s always been square with me.
Cooper: But what about the American people?
Jordan: The American people elected him President of the United States.
Cooper: But have you ever heard the president lie? That’s what I’m asking you.
Jordan: I have not. And the American people feel like what the treatment he has received from the top…
Cooper: I’m asking you, just yourself, have you heard the president lie?
Jordan: I have not.
Cooper: Really? So when the Washington Post counts hundreds and hundreds of times, none of those are believable to you?
Jordan: I’ve not seen what the Washington Post reported.
Jordan has not seen anything that interferes with his preconceptions. And he is apparently unaware that Trump has been “honored” with PolitiFact’s “Lie of the Year” award twice – in 2015 for his accumulated misstatement of facts, and just last year in 2017 for repeatedly calling the Russian interference with the election a hoax.

Jordan went on to say that he doesn’t know of any incidence of Trump lying, but that everyone says things from time to time that are inaccurate. Which is not the same thing as lying. Cooper replied that if he ever said anything inaccurate he would note the error and apologize. Then he asked if Jordan ever heard Trump apologize. Jordan replied that “I don’t know that he’s said something wrong that he needs to apologize for.” That was right after he said that everyone one does it. So he must think that his Messiah Trump is the one infallible life form on the planet. Which, coincidentally, is the same vision of holiness that Trump has of himself.

It would seem this guy's blinders are worn by several DTT forum members. No matter how often Dear Leader's lies are pointed out to them, they excuse, ignore, or find rationale for it all. It's as if this guy is Tommy, the Pinball Wizard and the hordes simply can't see him, hear him or feel him!
It's so so so scary to me.
Thanks from RNG and Camelot
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I saw that. Jordan is a total teabaggin’ nutjob. Always has been.
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