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The Problem is Bigger Than Roseanne

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I hope everyone watches that, yes, even Trump supporters, yes, even those who've sold their souls for cheap.

Thanks for posting that.
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He is absolutely right. This shit needs to stop and it needs to stop now. I am sick and tired of people defending this garbage as somehow acceptable. White supremacists are not fine people. For a president to even speak those words is to deny the fact that we fought against that garbage in WW2.

The fact that these idiots feel emboldened by our president is not only embarrassing, its disgusting. We fought a war over this stuff, folks. And we won. We did not won that war to watch that same shit happen here. I won't put up with it. No one in this country should either.

But yet, we have people in this very forum, who think that being white is now some sort of scary thing to be and that they are discriminated against.

Let me tell you something right now- I'm a white male. I am also gay. I grew up in the 70s and 80s. Being gay back then got you killed, denied a job or fired from a job, you also most likely lost your family connections and support.

Being white? I thanked the universe for that every day back then. At least I did not have to face discrimination because of my skin color. Lots of other gay friends I had did have to deal with that though. They got the double whammy. That was seriously difficult for a lot of them.

My point is this, being white has never been and is not to this day, any damn thing to worry about or cry discrimination about. Me being white has never cost me one single opportunity. Not one time in all my 51 years. I can't say for sure, but I bet it's helped me in a lot of situations.

ANYONE who complains that they've been denied some opportunity because they're white, most likely just could not compete in the first place. Instead of looking for ways to improve and be more competitive, they blame the person of color who actually was better than they were. And they blame it on things like affirmative action, etc. When in actuality, they thought success was owed to them.

Let me clue you in to what's changing for us white folks. We are not the only people in the world who are good at things. We are not the only people in the United States who do good work and matter. That crosses the entire human spectrum. Any decent person knows this.

What we're seeing now is a bunch of lazy white people who think that they deserve everything but work a lot less for the same things other people work harder for. Well, that time has come to an end. We white folks do not rule the roost anymore. We have to share and we have to compete with other people who are different from us. So if you're a white person who feels somehow "discriminated against", get off your damn ass and improve yourself. The problem is not other people, the problem is you. If you can't succeed in this country and you're white, it's not the fault of people who are not white. You've had very advantage. It's not the fault of others. Believe me, I'm a white guy. Grow the fuck up, improve yourself and compete in the world.

The election of Trump illustrates this like nothing we have ever seen. The man is an absolute asshole. He is disgusting. He is not defendable in any way, shape or form.
Thanks from tristanrobin

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bigger, problem, roseanne

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