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tadpole256 April 6th, 2006 06:17 AM

This does not surprise me at all. It is sad. I have a myspace account, but I can't get to it here, they block it because it was consuming too much of our bandwidth.

Goes to show that most of the military uses it as well!

intangible child April 6th, 2006 09:32 PM

CNN owned by Clear Channel Communications, the nation's largest radio chain.

Clear Channel has a monopoly on a lot of things, not good for Democracy!

Before passage of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, a company could not own more than 40 radio stations in the entire country. With the Actís sweeping relaxation of ownership limits, the cap on radio ownership was eliminated. As a result, Clear Channel has dominated the industry by growing from 40 radio stations nationally in the mid-90s, to approximately 1225 stations nationally by 2003. The station also dominates the audience share in 100 of 112 major markets. In addition to its radio stations, Clear Channel also owns television station affiliates, billboards, outdoor advertising, and owns or exclusively books the vast majority of concert venues, amphitheaters, and clubs in the country. According to NOW with Bill Moyers, in 2000 Clear Channel purchased the nationís largest concert and events promoter, and in 2001, the Clear Channel did 70% of national ticket sales.

Outdoor advertising

* Bought Eller Media, Universal Outdoor, and More Group Plc, giving Clear Channel outdoor advertising space in 25 countries.

* Owns part of Italian street furniture company, Jolly Pubblicita S.p.A.

* Owns BBH Exhibits, Yellow Checker Star Cab Displays, Dauphin, Taxi Tops, Donrey Media and Ackerley Media. Also owns an outdoor advertising company in Switzerland and Poland and a major outdoor advertising firm in Chile.


* Owns part of radio groups in New Zealand, Mexico, Norway, and Australia.

* Owns outdoor advertising companies in Switzerland, Poland, Chile, Brazil, and Italy

* Owns L & C Outdoor Comunicacao Visual Ltda., of Brazil.

* Owns the only airport advertising contract in South America.

* In the UK, owns:

o Large numbers of billboards (through a takeover of Adshel)

o See Clear Channel UK

o See Live Nation UK

Vertical Real Estate

In 2003, Clear Channel created the Vertical Real Estate division and hired Scott Quitadamo to promote its tower portfolio. Clear Channel owns and operates approximately 1,500 broadcast transmission towers across the US; many of which ara available for co-location by third parties such as cellular and PCS companies, wireless internet, fixed wireless, and other broadcasters.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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