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Put some ice on that
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Originally Posted by right to left View Post
So, how are you connected or profiting from this Uber or other ride share companies again?
You think I don't know what Uber is and don't know how to call one if I wanted it? Taxi driving has always been the last resort or a temporary job for most people.
I don't know how it works where you are ...and I suspect you don't either, but up here, the cab owner is responsible for licensing the cab and the running costs, and splits revenues with the driver. I never heard of this $50 to 100 a day fee for driving a cab..that's not how it works here...or likely anywhere!

Uber drivers drive the car of their choice...yes, I mentioned the flowery capitalist free market bullshit when I commented earlier about them running an ad about the pregnant Uber driver finishing her delivery/ going to the hospital to have the baby/ and being back at work full time three days later...if this doesn't describe modern slavery, I don't know what you call it! Cause people who are in debt bondage aren't making many fucking choices about anything!

From the OP pumpkin.

. On a recent day, taxi driver Abdul Mohammed worked for 12 hours and only landed two fares. At the end of the long day, he cleared about $25 after expenses.
Apparently you do not know how it works. Each car must have a hack license. The cars can run 24 hours a day. The drivers cannot. The cab company rents out their licensed cars to drivers for a fee. Say $100 a shift just for an easy number. The cab driver then keeps all fees including tips. Everything over the $100 dollars per shift less gas is theirs. If they only get $80 in trips they loose $20 less gas.

Dispatch handles all calls but the majority of their money comes from picking up random people. This is why many will gamble waiting at airports or outside of bars.

I don't know how it works in Canada and frankly I do not care. This article is about an American city on an American political Website.
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Originally Posted by right to left View Post
Where I live, there are many times more whites living on welfare and disability pensions than any immigrants, and from what I have read, the numbers are the same all across North America! Immigrants have far lower unemployment rates...but why not keep feeding your notions that North America is white man's country and pretend your ancestors were here first!
If that be true (questionable) the first question you should be asking yourself is, why do new-immigrants and illegal aliens have lower unemployment numbers? Which might answer part of the question of why Black's have double the unemployment numbers. When you flood any area with indigent people willing to work for a non-livable wage, your going to have high unemployment numbers within the indigent population.
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Originally Posted by Sabcat View Post
I travel a lot and use Uber a lot. So much better than a Taxi, and much more convenient.

In my case it has reduced my car rental needs as well.
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