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Stop Reading My Threads!!! Part 3

You may well wonder what happened to part 2. It was just censorship to help keep White people enslaved. If they didn't like part 2, they sure as hell aren't going to like part 3. Here it is.

Should The jews Be Exterminated?

The jewish religion teaches "an eye for an eye." Are you following along so far? Do you disagree with this? Let's just skip over all the genocide committed in the old testament where the jews justified wiping out or at least trying to wipe out others because they lived on land the jews claimed their god gave to them.

Let's move on to the Armenian genocide. it was carried out by a group called The Young Turks. They were in turn mostly, if not completely, of jews who had "converted" or whos families had "converted" to islam. Something over 1 million Armenians were slaughtered.

Now let's move on to the Bolsheviks. One of the founders of communism was a jew named Karl Marx. Most of the Bolshevik leadership were jewish. In total, Russian communism is said to have been responsible for the untimely deaths of 80 to 100 million people! I will be showing a picture of one particular jew who was the head of the NKVD. This one jew alone is said to have orchestrated the deaths of at least 10 million people!

Also, the holocaust was largely a fraud. But I was watching some history show where they were talking to jews who were revenge seekers after WW II. They had a plan to poison the water supply of some German cities to kill 6 million Germans. Even though only around 280,000 jews actually died in jewish internment camps. But for whatever reason, they didn't go through with their plan. Though the jewish revenge seekers they interviewed happened many decades after the war, all of those foul scum said they were sorry they didn't go through with their plan.

Now, the jews believe in an "eye for an eye." (Though they may tell you otherwise) If they believe in this form of justice, it should apply to everybody. According to their own law, all jews should be slaughtered! But right now, there are about 14 million jews on earth. But they are responsible for 80 to 100 million deaths. To seek the kind of justice that all those corpses call for, a way should be found to kill them all more than once.

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Part 3 just got exterminated too. Haa!
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