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Originally Posted by Sabcat View Post
That is being very hard on yourself. Nobody can know everything. I like running into words and terms i have never heard. Try and learn something new every day. Keeps things interesting.


Thanks, but nothing sticks in my head. I would worry more but my neighbors say they are having the same problem. When I studied gerontology, the experts really didn't know much. It was a new field of study. A big question was do older people drop out of socially active roles or are they pushed out? Both happen but there is a time when pulling out becomes the main reason. I feel like I am slowly fading out.

I am not up on Twitter and popular thinking because I am fading out. The drama of the moment doesn't matter enough to me for me to pay attention to it. What matters to me are meaningful points of life like how we get along and what is best for following generations.
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Originally Posted by Clara007 View Post
Sorry, Athena but you've crossed a line by calling out Lyzza and RNG. THIS is an opinion and discussion site. You can state your opinion but so can Lyzza or anyone else and everyone on THIS particular site better have thick skin because thin-skinned posters don't last long on DTT. I warned you about that.

No matter how many times you post it or how many ways you state it, some of us DO NOT agree with you and no amount of posting is going to change that.

"I am not sure you know enough to disagree with me?" AND....

"Lyzza should get a black belt for her mouth. That's right guys, I get it. Who wants to be talked to like this? Women are more apt to use their mouths without thinking than their fist, and sometimes the damage they do can be even worse."

Pot meet kettle.
I thought we had an agreement that being respectful is important. That is not going to happen unless we act on it. Being respectful and dodging the attacks was not working. It was time to approach the problem differently.

It was not just about being insulted, but also an intolerance of others. My intent was to raise awareness with the hope it would increase forgiveness. Someone said forgiverness is something we do for ourselves. Whatever, it isn't easy being human, and sometimes we need to know our shit sticks too.

One more thing, I know everyone wants to participate but when they know nothing of the subject, their participation needs to be different. This is insane! We have a society focused on being technologically correct and well informed and yet we are not drawing a line between having knowledge of something or not having knowledge. That is people are not recognizing when they are not well informed and therefore have no grounds for argument. Tell me how you handled not being able to teach a child because the child thought s/he already knew more than you do?

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Originally Posted by tristanrobin View Post
Yes, I'm married - but I'm gay, so we're both guys. We solved the housekeeping issues years and years ago.

A housekeeper.
Do you consider yourself to be gay? That adds a dimension to this discussion I was not expecting and I love it.

I knew a man with a gay son who accepted his son but was firm in telling his son he should never be effeminate. This is so crazy, we can have men who behave manly and women who are very feminine, or men who are effeminate and women who are manly. We are thinking in terms of manly or effeminate, but either sex can be either of these. How are we to make sense out of all this and avoid stepping on each other toes?

What does a gay man think is the ideal man? Personally, I would love to live with some of the gay men I have met. I think that would be the perfect compliment to me. Especially one guy had such a wonderful sense of humor he was great to be with, but one day he just disappeared and I never saw him again.
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Originally Posted by Athena View Post
What does the ideal man look like? I would say the ideal man today is very different from the ideal man of the past. With today's consciousness, Theodore Roosevelt's manliness can look like a cartoon that makes us laugh, but in his day being that man was important to leading our nation. Contrasting him to Trump or any of our modern presidents, could be very interesting.

Reagan is part of the John Wayne generation. Captain Kirk of Star Trek is the John Wayne of space. Captain Picard who followed Captain Kirk is of the groupthink generation. Compared with Kirk, Picard is a wimp.

Where would you like to start? I think as long as we call men like Alexander the Great great men, instead of complete jerks, we will promote a war mentality and a macho ideal for men.

Men like Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, give us a very different image of ideal men.

Carter and Obama are thinking men slow to make decisions and resistant to taking military action. Bush and Trump are proud to make snap decisions without too much thinking and advance military power.
Thanks from Lyzza and Clara007
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