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I hope that you can see what i was saying before, that many many feminists are not followers of that horrible Hillary/Albright style of elitist white feminism.

Sure, there will always be plenty of them in certain circles, but many of us are not that way at all. That is why i had such a huge problem with your stereotyping of all of us with that group.

I am not alone in saying that when Albright said we would go to hell for not voting for Clinton was a huge slap in the face. i wasnt voting for her anyway, but to have some bitch wagging her finger in the face of my womanhood like that was the straw that broke the camel's back. i am certainly not alone. many of us were sooooo pissed......

when we get lumped into that camp, it is insulting and very infuriating, for real.
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Originally Posted by Lyzza View Post

I hope that you can see what i was saying before, that many many feminists are not followers of that horrible Hillary/Albright style of elitist white feminism.
I was specifically referring to upper and upper middle class feminists who tried to make voting for another Clinton a duty for women.

The problem with identity politics is when it gets to these ridiculously extreme proportions - that identity is all that counts. So a billionairess or an entrenched woman of the ruling class(like Clinton and Albright) are regarded as part of the same club and having the same interests and values as all of the middle class and lower working class women in America and around the world. And I think we should know that sure as hell isn't true! Just as it isn't true that the Obamas, the few black billionaires and black political and business class share the same values as the rest of Black America.

I don't accept a strict Marxist class analysis that negates the relevance of all identity groupings within a society and contends that all workers are or should be united and share the same values regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. That was a governing principle of the former Soviet Union and the large part of the reason why they were tone deaf to discrimination against Jews and minorities from the Southern Caucasus living in Russian cities. They, like the communist governments of Eastern Europe, were also tone deaf to the added burdens placed on working mothers, who were stuck with nearly all the childcare and housework activity after arriving home from work. They had improved the quality of life for women by a long shot from what it had been before the October Revolution, but the lack of willingness to go past class analysis meant many problems such as these were never dealt with.

Aside from the Trotskyites at the WSWS:https://www.wsws.org/ , I'm not aware of any forums where there is a total blindness to how race and gender impact on economic class dynamics. The WSWS does a lot of good research on many issues, considering their size and limited budget, but their take on issues like rape culture is cringeworthy because of their doctrinaire Marxist ideology!

So, my take on what's called intersectional issues these days is that economic class needs to be added to that intersection, which is just populated by the usual identity groups and causes if it's coming from a mainstream...especially clickbait site. And, when someone is considered an automatic member of the club just because of their race or gender, THAT is what is the huge mistake! Because the black billionaire or ex-politician(like former president Obama) looking to cash in on all the IOU's owed to him by corporate interests who've benefited from his policies while in office, do not share the same goals or aspirations of the black underclass! Same goes for Hillary and war criminal-Madeline Albright not considering the needs of most women...especially all the women in foreign lands who's lives are destroyed by the wars they campaigned for while they were at the top of the political elite.

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