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Why a Communist supports the Democrat Party

Many on the left appear to be upset and some what belligerent with me because I am fully supporting the Democrat party and so is most Communists like myself. If you wonder why let me explain.

The Democrat party actually supports the same advances we do in many cases. Now, they do not take it far enough often times, but like a person hitch hiking down the road will tell you. Every mile you can hitch a ride is one less mile you have to walk. For instance the ACA. The ACA is the first step toward single payer or government ran health care! The entire means of production of an entire industry will be seized by the state! This is a Democrat idea not a Republican. Why as a Communist would I not support this? Some other points. Democrats, now more than ever, favor a heavy progressive income tax. Taking money from the Bourgeois to give to the proletariat is not destroying the Bourgeois but its taking away some of its power setting the stage to be destroyed. Democrat party not only favor estate tax but is actually wanting to lower the amount that can be taxed! Do not get me wrong, I would prefer for the state to just seize all wealth, but again why would I not support the Democrat party in seizing what it can? Look at the current election right now. Many Democrats are calling for the destruction of the GOP, setting the stage for what could be a single party control. At the same time the Democratic party has attempted to put through a fairness doctrine to silence conservative talk radio. The Democrat party is the party that is calling for limiting of private gun owner ship. The Democrat party supports the current Feminist and millennial movements against speech that is offensive. This is a critical step in controlling the masses that as a Communist I agree with as well. It should be obvious to the Democrats and the progressives we both want the same thing. It is like painting with you progressives and Democrats. You want to put a new coat of blue on everything. As Communist I want to make it two coats with epoxy so we do not have to keep going back over it.

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Nope. No amount of reasoning can justify a true Communist supporting the democrat party. Ever. FYI, I don't mean to sound offensive but some of what you posted seems to have come from the CPUSA party handbook, which is a terrible bastardization of true Communism. No true Communist wants more gun control unless we are living under Communism, or at least a socialist government. That kind of garbage is spewed by the Bernie Sanders crowd. That doesn't come from Lenin, Mao, and certainly not Che.
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