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Old April 13th, 2014, 11:32 AM   #1
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Alex jones is bill hicks.

I’m a long time fan Bill Hicks. He’s a comedian easily on par with George Carlin. I first learned about Hicks from the Tool album Ænima, which was dedicated to him. But I’d only ever heard audio of his stand-up. I had never seen his image, until a month ago. The moment I saw him I thought “That’s Alex Jones!” A little Googling and it seems I’m not alone.

They look the same. Obviously Hicks looks a little younger and a little thinner, but that’s to be expected. Facial recognition analysts suggest a 100% match, allowing for a nose job. Their hair color doesn’t match, but Alex obviously dyes. Plus they once had two identical moles, although Alex has since removed them. Even their teeth are a perfect match.

Alex is officially 39. If Bill Hicks were alive he’d be 53. But honestly Alex looks about 53. Bill Hicks allegedly died in 1994, the same year Jones started broadcasting. Hicks had no public funeral and is supposedly buried in his parents yard. Jones had no public life prior to Hicks’ death.

Alex is a Texan (allegedly) while Hicks is a Georgian, but Hicks grew up in Texas and always idolized cowboys and the independent spirit of Texans. Both are radically anti-government. Both have a flare for conspiracy rants. Both have anger management problems. Hicks was life-long smoker and Jones claims to have fought a life-long battle with cigarette addiction.

But it gets weirder.

Kevin Booth was Bill Hicks’ producer, camera man and friend. Co-creator of Sacred Cow productions. And of course immediately after Hicks’ alleged death Kevin Booth became Jones’ friend, camera man and producer. Hicks’ last work with Booth and Jones’ first work with Booth were both about the Waco incident. Hicks’ final interview was on Austin public access TV, Alex Jones first show was on Austin public access TV.

And of course, Alex Jones has repeatedly denied being Bill Hicks, which by his own standards pretty much amounts to a confession.

So, if Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks in some kind of Andy Kaufman style false identity, the question is why? I see only two possibilities.

One, Bill Hicks got serious and wanted to transform his message but didn’t feel able to shed the comedic flavor without shedding the persona. So, instead of doing comedy occasionally peppered with politics, he does politics occasionally peppered with comedy.

Two, Alex Jones is, as many have suspected and alleged, “controlled opposition.” A persona crafted from top to bottom to discredit the movement and legitimate inquiry into the very conspiracy he exposes.
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yes, it[s too bad Alex is such a jerk. cause he's DEAD RIGHT about some things.
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