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Originally Posted by senor boogie woogie View Post
Statism as a left or right wing philosophy is very intoxicating. I have a saying that there is nothing wrong with authoritarianism if it is MY authoritarianism represented. Many people dream of this today and have dreamed of it for thousands of years to the time of the caveman who wanted the women and goods of the neighbor cave and make their neighbor their slave or dinner.

All of us humans have a desire for power. It isnt evident in some people and wholly evident in others. For our survival we feel the need to have power over someone else, and too much power in the hands of too few is tyranny.

Let us remember that Adolf Hitler was elected to his position. Not a majority but a plurality and he and his political movement seized control of the nation in a short period of time, and almost destroyed their nation in the process. Stalin and his thugs killed at least twice as many people as Hitler. Same with Pol Pot and to a lesser degree bunches more of thugs and dictators making their authoritarianism known and feared.

This is why we must resist the idea of a BIG government. This is what the United States has now, a huge, gargantuan government which is ran by corrupt politicians of two very similar political parties in collusion with each other. People do not vote, the power goes into the very few (who both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton represent) and the country slides into authoritarianism, until the people rise up. But rising up is not necessarily heroic either, since lots of people have risen up against repressive government, just to install, opps, another repressive government (China is a good example of this, so was 1960's-1970's Cambodia and Vietnam).

This is happening now in the USA, a divergence of politics, with a rising left wing and right wing who are not beyond intimidation, threats and even violence to get what they want. Both sides expouse really lunatic ideas and solutions. Many times they know the problem but fail in the solutions. 2 plus 2 is 5. Although it is wrong, these people will fight to the death to make it right. With all this goofiness and again, lunacy supported by the media, government and the mega wealthy to do their agenda while everyone else really isnt looking (too busy arguing about guns, Stormy Daniels, Kim Kardashian and MS-13) to notice.

Authoritarianism will always be around. Just a sickness of humanity. We humans are slow learners and we humans will keep continuing to murder each other for fun and profit.
Then I assume you are not a Trump supporter?
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Originally Posted by Peter the Roman View Post
Your father in law was mistaken.

You wouldn't be able to appreciate it anyway.

Oy vey...
And that is meant to mean what? Other than you are ignorant
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