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if they ban guns or ammo,

i'll smuggle in guns by the truckload, and ammo by the trainload. Go ahead, gun grabbers, make me RICH. I only need a million to retire and live like a king in lots of countries. Wont take me a year to show that much profit. Make and sell thousands of silencers, too, since everyone will want to testfire and practice with their guns, without anyone knowing about it. Since they'll already be committing felonies to own guns, what's one more felony? The sentences will all be run concurrent, anyway.

There's 10 million felons already (not in prison or on parole) and you'll be making at least 20 million more felons, cause at least 1/4 of gunowners are hard core enought to not surrender ALL of their guns! It costs 30k a year each to keep a person in prison and while they were out, they were paying at least 10k a year each in taxes. With them in prison, you'll be paying at least another 10k a year welfare, housing, utilities, food, etc, for their families. 20 million people x 50k each is a TRILLION $, every year to keep them in prison. If you dont lock them up, nobody is going to obey your law.

30 million felons (almost all of whom will get their right to vote back) is a big enough voting block to get the law repealed that keeps them from owning or possessing guns or ammo. Go ahead, dummies;create a real mess by outlawing guns or ammo. You have no idea what you're risking.
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ammo, ban, guns

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