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Originally Posted by skews13 View Post

Why do you only post links that misrepresent the facts in such a flagrant way? Are you relying only on these websites for your information?

The economy of the U.S. does not start nor does it end during any president's first four years. There are many causes of boom and bust that can be traced back as far as a decade or longer. Obama's involvement in the lawsuit against Citibank for redlining is the cause of bad home loans being made in direct conflict with solid and economically time tested models for home loans. The regulations allowing those loans to be packaged and sold, which was a contributor to the recession in 2008, is another story. One of the motivating factors creating these loan packages was the banks ditching high risk loans they were forced to make because of the lawsuit--one reason, not all the reasons.

So, back to Clinton and this preposterous article. Clinton took office just as a recession was ending. This has made for dramatic growth after every recession this country has emerged from except the one that ended under Obama. After this boom from a recession ending, the economy generally goes into a recovery mode of normal GDP expansion. This would have happened during Clinton's second term, not the first. But Clinton's second term is where all the growth, boom, and small businesses came from. Why is this you may ask? This happened for several reasons, but one of them is not the lie perpetuated in the link you provided about Clinton's tax cuts. Clinton lowered the capital gains tax from 28% to 20% in 1997. What could this have caused you may ask? Well, what it caused was an almost instant $9 billion of venture capital to be invested in small businesses. And what were most of these small businesses you may ask? They were mostly tech related, which was a contributor to the tech bubble, which caused an enormous amount of small businesses to be created. Clinton surfed on the tech bubble until he left office. But, after the tech bubble burst, were did all those small businesses go? Bye, bye, but under Bush.

During this era, a small tech business could become a multimillion or billion dollar company almost overnight with an IPO.

So, if you do not have a solid understanding of the economics of certain eras, do a little research before posting a link that is misleading and factually incorrect since every link you have posted was incorrect, factually wrong, and was infested with blatant lies. Jobs and small businesses created under Clinton and these circumstances, compared to Bush's as he was the recipient of the tech bubble bursting, 911, and a recession caused by the bubble bursting, then the housing bubble bursting at the end of his presidency, is as sophomoric as it gets by just posting up a graph of jobs and tax cuts.
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Liberals donít like to be confused with facts. That is because facts require some thought and comprehension to digest and they just donít have the capacity for such things.

Instead they tend to have knee jerk reactions that are emotional and tied to that moment in time. If you were standing next to a liberal at a street corner and it starts to rain they would think that cloud formed instantly above their heads. You couldnít explain that those clouds formed far away under very complex conditions. They have no time for that kind of thinking.

All they know is that they are getting wet right now and Obama owes them an Obamaphone for it.
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