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Originally Posted by Tony View Post
WTF do chickens have to do with this thread???
OBVIOUSLY you need a woman to choke yours!!!
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Originally Posted by antares View Post
OBVIOUSLY you need a woman to choke yours!!!
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Originally Posted by roastpork View Post
Blacks seem to be happy staying on the Plantation of Democratic Entitlements. They seem to have bought the lie that they can't make it on their own, so many no longer even try.
In the news is the difficulty immigrants are having finding jobs that match their education. There is an organization that helps them get jobs and one of the main tasks is teaching them our cultural ways, like smiling during a job interview. The point is looking different or having a different culture can be serious social and economic problems, and prejudice such as you have demonstrated is most certainly a very serious problem.

I stand firmly on the need to be respectful and protect the dignity of others, but your words are so offensive to me, I want to turn things around so you can experience what it is like to be subject to such prejudiced thinking. Are you one of those Crackers in the South? You know one of those poor White trash who puts people of color down to make yourself feel better? I really don't think I want to get too involved with White trash. You know the saying, "Don't argue with ignorance".
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Race, is the last card in the deck of conversation cards.......When all else fails, race will work.

People allow people to tell them they are racist and believe it.
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Originally Posted by aDifferentperspective View Post
The Difference Between White People and Black People - Taki's Magazine Difference Between White People and Black People

Imagine for a moment that you are an intelligent and self-sufficient Martian living in a plush, temperature-controlled trailer home somewhere amid the vast frozen plains of that lonely red planet. Also imagine that through the miracle of advanced Martian technology, you have Internet access—it could even be AOL, it doesn’t really matter. Let’s also pretend that your curious, veiny, overdeveloped Martian brain, despite its better instincts, has become fascinated with those foolish simian earthling humanoids, particularly the “white people” and “black people” who inhabit what will be known for a little while longer as the United States of America.

Since you are a Martian, you have no childishly naïve prejudices—nor any meticulously acquired adult postjudices—about frivolities such as “racism” or “injustice” or “equality.” You merely want to know the difference between white people and black people, and to keep it “relevant” as the teen earthlings are fond of saying, you confine your search to the prior week’s news. You search the phrases “white people” and “black people” over the preceding seven Earth days.

What would you learn?
Avoid earth at all cost!
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Malt liquor...
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