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Originally Posted by RNG View Post
In the link I posted, the writer speculated that in fact the main reason Trump is so high is that there are still so many running. As the weak sisters drop out, the majority will support others than Trump, he assumes, and that will end up cutting his lead big-time. Essentially he feels the potential Rep voters are either strong Trump fans or strongly anti-Trump so as their delegate drops out, their support will go to others than Trump.
When you look at it, only a 1/3rd of republicans support Trump. I like that analogy on your part.
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Originally Posted by Camelot View Post
The truth of the matter is that Trump knows an independent run would guarantee that he would not be President. He has no interest in being the President. The hype is as surely a drug to this man as heroine is to an addict. That's the reason that a guy who dominates the Republican polls would talk about an independent run.

This is pretty simple to figure out folks. Here is what has transpired. The front line of the Right wing movement that says the most despicable things are FOX, Limbaugh, Beck, Breitbart, The Dally Caller, Alex Jones and a host of other Right wing media. The republican politicians are smart enough to know that they must use a more nuanced approach so they use dog whistles that support vitriolic ideas forwarded by the Right wing media.

They did not count on a reality television star showing up and saying the same raw, unvarnished and despicable things that is the hallmark of the Right wing media. When Trump supporters say that they like Trump because he speaks the truth, they are really saying that Trump sounds more like FOX, Limbaugh and Beck than the Republican politicians do. We on the Left have warned you that this day was coming for years. The Republicans and their media have worked relentlessly to condition a significant portion of their base to accept Trump's message which he has gleefully exploited in all it's "unvarnished" glory. That's the Truth....Truth
No, this is the reason.
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Originally Posted by Camelot View Post
No, this is the reason.
"He/she was debating with him/herself at times. I would have been willing to allow him/her to stay around with one screen name, but he/she wouldn't come clean."


Like this?
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Originally Posted by roastpork View Post
I like Trump, I really don't think he's a bigot, or a hater of Muslims; what I like about him is that he seams to mean what he says, he doesn't really need the job, he is beholden to no one, he can't be bought, he IMO truly loves this Country. I don't trust that kid Rubio, but I do like Cruz, except for the fact that he probably won't build that wall.
Trump would make a good Head of State, he would surround himself with the best of the best as members of his cabinet of advisors, he's a confident and smart, although overly sensitive leader, unlike what we have at present. Wait a sec Obama is also overly sensitive, but he sure isn't a leader.
I disagree that Trump isn't "beholding" to others. I He is even more entrenched in the "good ole boy network" as they come. He's another one of those that started life on third base and proclaims his home run as evidence of his superiority. The truth is he was given the keys to a kingdom and since then he has bankrupted that kingdom four times. The financing the stay afloat had to come from somewhere. He OWES people, no doubt about it.

What truly baffles me is why so many in the lower income brackets support him. This is the man that recently said American wages are too high. Sorry but some poor little rich kid telling the rest of the country they have to go out and "earn" their way into the upper brackets is just flat laughable to me.
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