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Old June 22nd, 2017, 05:46 PM   #1
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Senate Republicans release their socialist/communist health-care plan

SEE: What’s in the Senate Republican health-care bill

Well, our Republican Party Leadership has been lying all the time. They never intended to repeal Obamacare. In fact, our Republican Party Leadership not only proposes to keep Obamcare alive, but it will continue to use the force of federal taxation to confiscate the earned wages of one group of citizens to finance the health-care needs of another group, not to mention hard working wage earners will also be taxed $BILLIONS which will be transferred into the coffers of the insurance industry.

The Senate Bill proposes to confiscate working people’s earned wages [How else can the Senate Bill be paid for?] which will then be transferred to other groups via subsidies, tax credits and the expansion of Medicaid, even though there is no grant of power in the wording of our federal constitution allowing the federal government to enter the States and meddle in the people’s health-care needs and choices.

The Senate’s proposal will in fact create a number of factious groups who are tax getters, and they will, if the Senate Bill becomes law, forever have a vested financial interest which competes with our nation’s general welfare ___ those matters concerning national security “external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce”. These factious groups’ interest will also be different from those who are taxed to finance the Senate’s desire to meddle in the people’s health-care needs and choices.

To avoid these kinds of political factions on a national scale ___ tax-payers vs tax-getters ___ our wise founders refused to delegate a power to Congress over those “… objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.” See, Federalist No. 45

Having violated our Constitution and usurped powers not granted, a number of factious groups have already been created by Congress which now threaten mayhem and destruction should their free government cheese be ended. Have we not witnessed these very groups today protesting around the Capitol complex? And who are some of the actors included in these type of tax-getter protests? Federally subsidized health-care recipients; federally subsidized food stamp recipients; federally subsidized Section Eight Housing recipients; federally funded unemployment benefit recipients; federally funded student loans and grant recipients; and millions of foreigners who have invaded our borders who are also the recipients of free government cheese.

To those who are sincerely concerned about the direction our country is headed, I strongly suggest you take the time to study FEDERALIST NUMBER 10 which in part deals with controlling the violence of factious groups.


American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance a maternity ward for the poverty stricken populations of other countries who invade America’s borders to give birth.

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Old June 22nd, 2017, 06:46 PM   #2
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You gave us PBS's take on the bill. How about posting the actual bill. What was Madison talking about in Federalist #10?

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Old June 22nd, 2017, 07:23 PM   #3
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It is actually a move away from that C/S plan of Obamacare. Individuals now will...again...have a choice if they buy a health care insurance or not and a choice of what kind of plan to purchase.
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Old June 22nd, 2017, 07:38 PM   #4
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It is not repeal and replace.
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Old June 22nd, 2017, 10:10 PM   #5
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Our Republican Party Leadership's health care money laundering operation

It’s absolutely amazing that a Republican health-care proposal would use the federal government’s taxing authority to confiscate a working person’s earned wages which are then transferred to our nation’s fat cat insurance industry. This is the same kind of money laundering operation Obama engaged in with his green energy crap which was a massive transfer of money taxed away from hard working wage earners which was redistributed to democrat donors! The fact is, 80% of green energy money taxed away from hard working American Citizens WENT TO Obama’s donors!

Now tell me the Republican Party Leadership and Democrat Party Leadership do not work hand in hand to steal the earned wages of labor.


"To lay with one hand the power of the government on the property of the citizen [a working person’s earned wage] and with the other to bestow upon favored individuals, to aid private enterprises and buildup private fortunes [in the Republican Party’s beloved insurance industry] is none the less a robbery because it is done under forms of law and called taxation."____ Savings and Loan Assc. v.Topeka,(1875).
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