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Originally Posted by foundit66 View Post
I understand the term just fine.
Do you think the people who run the Boy Scouts don't understand the term?

Just like I'm sure you understand the phrase "He-man woman haters club"

< end sarcasm >
You think I hate women? Not true, God made no finer looking creature on the face of the Earth.
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Yes, we can't have a boys only association, they must all be destroyed.

Everything the regressives touch they ruin then destroy.
Thanks from Sensible
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Originally Posted by Sensible View Post
You think I hate women? Not true, God made no finer looking creature on the face of the Earth.
I'm sure foundit appreciates the confirmation.
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Originally Posted by Sensible View Post
You think I hate women? Not true, God made no finer looking creature on the face of the Earth.
Do you see the fact that I noted the picture as sarcasm?
Can you do me a favor and look up the word?

Originally Posted by Hashtag View Post
Yes, we can't have a boys only association, they must all be destroyed.
Nobody is saying that.
People like you would be so much happier if you listened to what people are actually saying instead of imagining things to be mad about.

Unless you're saying that sarcastically, which doesn't type well. Which is why I try to include a comment to note when I'm making a sarcastic comment that should not be taken literally...
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Originally Posted by Peter the Roman View Post
If they're going to let girls in the Boy Scouts, then why call it Boy Scouts at all?
good question

in australia we dont, its just 'scouts'.

we also have an organisation called girl guides which is instead of girl scouts. scouts use the term 'guide' as an insult.
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Old October 24th, 2017, 07:57 PM   #36
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Interesting article.
It presents the move as a business strategy ...

The Boy Scouts’ decision to open its ranks to girls appears to be less an evolution toward openness and inclusion than a calculated business strategy. The move allows the organization, which has been rocked by revelations of decades of sexual abuse, to improve its public image. It opens up a broad new market with the promise of increased revenue, an attractive proposition for a nonprofit that has seen both membership rolls and corporate sponsorships shrink in recent years. Most crucially, it’s a direct attack on the Girl Scouts, a group that shares some historical roots with the Boy Scouts but has grown into a very different organization, with very different values.

Unlike the Boy Scouts, in which individual troops are overwhelmingly affiliated with churches — a large share are tied to conservative denominations; an estimated 20 percent of scouts are Mormon, for instance — the Girl Scouts are a secular organization. While the Boy Scouts have an official policy against atheists and agnostics participating in scouting, the Girl Scouts make it clear that girls may substitute any words they like for the part of the Girl Scout Pledge in which they promise “to serve God.”

The Girl Scouts have long focused on social justice, diversity and inclusion in their activities. And as members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, a global body, they have provided financial support to organizations like Oxfam, Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders. Feminist icons routinely recall their Girl Scout days as a source of strength and confidence that launched them into lives of purpose.

As a result, the Girl Scouts have become a sort of boogeyman for conservatives. In May of this year, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas announced it was cutting ties with the Girl Scouts, choosing instead to partner with American Heritage Girls, a right-leaning scouting group. Some anti-abortion organizations have even gone so far as to boycott the Girl Scouts’ trademark — and delicious — cookies.

In making this change, the Boy Scouts aren’t pursuing some kind of radical coed style of scouting. What has been lost in the discussion is that by all accounts, the plan wouldn’t so much let girls in as form separate girls’ wings — a sort of junior ladies’ auxiliary — for girls whose families shy away from the scary, liberal, feminist Girl Scouts. The Boy Scouts’ statement hints as much, promising that they want “to offer families an important additional choice in meeting the character development needs of all their children.” This sounds benevolent, until you remember that there already is an organization that helps girls develop character: the Girl Scouts.

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Thanks from Sabcat

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I am an adult who has been out of the country for 15 years with no children, so I don't know, but is Scouting popular at all anymore? I did it when I was a kid and didn't get much out of it. Getting the different badges and whatnot was like doing extra homework. It was mostly weekly meetings in a church basement on a school night. There were some fun stuff, but I also did as a child the YMCA "Day Camp" which was a helluva lot more fun, we went hiking, horseback riding. Went to the local (Pink Palace in Memphis) museum. Went to the local park, the zoo, putt-putt. If the YMCA didnt have a field trip, we stayed in the facility swimming, playing ping pong or using the trampolene, played basketball. Kicked scouts in the ass. I dont know if the YMCA has this summer program anymore, but for parents, it is kick ass, cheap (maybe) daycare in a fun learning environment, but again, I was a child of the 1970's, the last generation who were allowed, and even encouraged by our parents to stay out all day, climb trees, swim in the river and use mechanized equipment.

The Mormons like scouting, I guess it is because it is very American and they can enforce their weird religion on the kids. Usually the people who become Eagle Scouts are the validictorian of the school, or close thereof. Supposedly the Eagle badge is so highly regarded, it is taken in consideration for admission to a top college and the military. If you like it, fine. I think for some of these boys it is something they have to do to be able to be entered into a good college. I think of it as bullshit, making 16-17 year old kids do all this extracuricular whatnot, and then use the red lipstick to kiss the behind of the admissions director.

I wouldnt want my daughter in Girl Scouts because I do not want her selling cookies door to door or however they do it. Children shouldn't have to sell anything (kids selling shit for school trips annoy me too), there is enough time in adulthood to make money for the Man. There should be labor laws enforced for this. It would be nice if the girls peddled marijuana or liquor door to door, but the Libertarians haven't taken over yet (or will since they hate organization), so it wont happen.

Speaking of the military, are the younger people who were in Iraq and Afghanistan members of the VFW or similar groups? I always think of old dudes who were in WWII and Korea, tough guys smoking and drinking beer away from the wife.

What about the Masonic Order and similar groups? Guys wearing a Fez and driving a midget 1972 Continental down the street during a parade? My late uncle and two guys I know are in that, one of them was introduced to it by his father. The teenage arm of that is DeMolay. Some people as well as Christians have thought of these groups as evil, never really understood why. Seems like a bunch of middle aged to older working men who are basically in a college fraternity.

Scouts honor!
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