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titan previously posted in #10
rapid discharge rate.
The correct phrase is rapid REcharge rate.

Please pardon my error.
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Originally Posted by titan View Post
B #9
1) OK
2) Why not? *

These AGM's generally tout low internal voltage leakage (self-discharge), and rapid discharge rate.

Further, when I researched it long ago, Optima's literature warned against high amperage recharge, but added, if it's in automotive application being charged by an alternator, don't worry about it. It'll handle whatever the alternator delivers.

I'm hoping this Vmax AGM will solve my tractor battery problems forever.
Before buying this one, the one this Vmax will replace was purchased on basis of the maximum size the tractor battery compartment would accommodate.
Near as I can tell, it only lasted 6 years.

I'll expect 18 years from Vmax.

* As you seem to be interested:
when I was building my Optima-based UPS, I tried to find the most efficient 120 VDC > 12 VDC charger I could find.
But the literature I read on it flailed huge warning flags.
DO NOT use any 3 stage charger on a system that can go under load while charging.

The literature warned, a 3 stage charger can "cook the system" for misinterpreting a load as a discharged condition.

I use a 2 stage charger.
The only problem I've had with it low voltage, caused by corrosion at the connections.
A little emery cloth and some WD-40 and we're back in bidness.
I forget, but I think my UPS charger is about 40 Amps.

It really should say sustained high amp recharge. AGMs don't have any free electrolyte and a sustained high amp charge can over heat them faster than a regular battery.
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