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Originally Posted by RNG View Post
I still say it won't work until you get a prime contractor law.
Mandatory E-Verify for all employers is a good first step. But yes I agree. No matter how many layers of contractors and sub contractors they put in place, the PARENT COMPANY should be held liable for the employment actions of it's subordinate contractors. No longer can we allow the top brass, the one's who benefit the most, to KNOWLING turn a blind eye to the hiring practices of their contractors and then claim "plausible deniability".

My point however was this. If ICE were to find an illegal working at the smallest Walmart in the country, even though that illegal may technically be employed by a contractor. That illegal represents prima facia evidence that Walmart might be engaged in TAX FRAUD. The feds could then get a warrant from a federal judge, raid Wally Worlds corporate headquarters in Arkansas AND shut down ALL 4400 of their stores nation wide, while ICE and IRS "investigate" their hiring practices and whether or not they made the appropriate tax payments. How much business would Walmart lose in a week ?? two weeks ?? a month ??? And even if six weeks later the ICE and IRS say no problem found, no charges to be filed, HOW MUCH would Walmart have lost all because they CHOSE to turn a blind eye to the actions of their contractors ?? What kind of policy and procedure do you think Walmart would put in place going forward ??

When the news crew found illegals working on Trumps new hotel in DC, what do you think Trumps reaction would have been had ICE SHUT DOWN THE PROJECT for several weeks, seized the records and computers of Trump's mains contractor ?? Do you think all future contracts issued by Trump enterprises would contain specific language concerning the hiring of illegal ??

Once we make it too expensive for those at the top of the food chain. We can change their behavior. Until then, everything else is just window dressing.
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Originally Posted by BubbaJones View Post
I'm actually very glad to hear this. I have said for many years the real key to fixing the illegal issue is to go after the traitorous bastards that hire them.

I just wonder of Trumps new hotel there in DC was one of those audited ??? A news crew found multiple illegals on the job there.
Me too, Bubba. I've long held the opinion that America will never solve it's immigration problem until we start with the American side of the problem FIRST!
That means we have to harden our current laws on immigration and illegal hiring practices and the offenders. Small fines are not working, when profit margins far exceed them.
Either start perp- walking some CEO's into some federal courthouses on national television; or start seizing the assets of those companies!
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