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Clinton: RFK reference unrelated to Obama

Read full story for latest details.

View the full article here.
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From the article:

Her campaign also accused the rival Obama campaign of "inflaming" the situation and purposely taking her words out of context.
Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe, in an interview Sunday, criticized the Obama campaign's first move. "It's unfortunate -- a hyped-up press over Memorial Day weekend, the Obama campaign inflaming it, tried to take these words out of context," he told "Fox News Sunday."
But in the same article:

After Clinton's initial remarks to the newspaper were reported, the Obama campaign issued a statement saying the comment "was unfortunate and has no place in this campaign." But Obama himself later said, "I don't think that Senator Clinton intended anything by it," and that "we should put it behind us."
But Obama's chief strategist David Axelrod told ABC's "This Week" that "we take her at her word," and he added, "We're beyond that issue now, so certainly we're not trying to stir the issue up."
Okay? The Obama camp says it wasn't the best statement, but we'll let it go, and they're inflaming it how? If you wanna blame anyone, blame the media for hyping the story, don't accuse the Obama campaign of something they're not doing! Who there is taking it out-of-context?

The media overinflated the Rev. Wright story for quite a long time. Obama had to work his ass off to get the situation under control, he had to make that big speech on race relations and explain basically where his pastor is coming from, and who he really was and all that jazz. He had to beat back stuff that he (Barack) didn't even say, and he's still feeling the effects of the "controversy" even today. Clinton even took advantage of the Wright "issue" ("He wouldn't be my pastor", talking about it on O'Reilly's show, etc.) but complains when people talk about her little assassination comment.

I mean I think everyone knows she's not banking on something that extreme, or especially hoping it happens, I mentioned that in an earlier post lmao; but for her to say something that inane and ridiculous, she oughta expect some backlash and just deal with it, she's been in the politics game for quite a while. Michelle Obama took her punches for the "proud" comment and she explained herself and I think people are over it (Unless your name is Sean Hannity.).

Good God do I need to call the Wahhhhbulance for Hillary?
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Dan Qualye once referred to himself as John F. Kennedy, until Sen. Lloyd Bentsen told him otherwise in 1988, when Bush-Sr./Quayle ran against Michael Dukakis and Bentsen.
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