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Originally Posted by RNG View Post
Nap time was very peaceful.

But you are basically correct. But how much of that was societal pressure? It just wasn't accepted.

I did read an account once that the Coca-Cola company removed the cocaine because southern law enforcement were convinced that the cocaine stimulated sexual desire in the black population and greatly increased the incidence of rape..
When I was young, my parents gave me a tablespoon of honey, lemon juice, and Paregoric, a tincture of opium, for my coughs.

It worked.
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Originally Posted by caconservative View Post
Rational, would be admitting you made a statement that was stupid, and then owning up to it. Irrational, is trying to find a way to cover your stupidity up. Much like your doing now!!
Apparantly you do not even know what a lie is as compared to expressing something in a less than perfect way. Not surprising.
One can say something that is ill-advised, clumsily worded or down-right dumb, but that is not the same thing as telling a lie.
You try too hard to find something to bitch about and make careless accusations.
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Originally Posted by senor boogie woogie View Post
I have been reading and watching shows like YouTube speaking about the "War on Drugs" and how awful it is. I agree, especially with asset forfeitures and the militarization of police, not to mention people strung out on pharmaceuticals they got legally from a doctor. But if this "War on Drugs" ceased, what would take its place?

Illicit drugs like cocaine, crack cocaine, meth and heroin should not be legalized. First question, how would you legalize them? By just allowing black market dealers to be able to sell above ground? If these substances were legalized, what business in their right minds would sell it? Yes, cocaine, meth and heroin are worse and more addictive than alcohol. Yes, cigarettes are legal, addictive and deadly, but old ladies aren't getting knocked over their heads for their purse to buy a pack of smokes.

People who become addicted to narcotic drugs or cocaine should be able to go through a "drug court" and be able to go to rehab for 90 days and then a time of strict probation for a year, and be able to have any arrest record expunged. People who sell this shit should be in prison for life or executed (for heroin, coke, crack and meth). I was a cocaine addict in the 1990's so I know. They could legally sell crack rocks for 10 cents, and if I started back on that shit, I would be broke on the streets hitting old ladies for their purses.

I support the legalization of marijuana. Go weed. I think a lot of the resources on the "War on Drugs" is mostly catching marijuana. If marijuana were out of the equation, how much more could be done to fight the bad shit? If the War on Drugs ended, would the drugs be legalized, or no enforcement on people using them? Or head shops selling hard drugs? What?

I hear a lot about stopping The War on Drugs and how wasteful it is. Well, police are wasteful expenditures also, if assholes would stop being creeps and committing crimes, there would not be a need for them I just don't see any other model of either legalization or alternate enforcement which would work.

So what are the options.....to the WAR ON DRUGS?
Coke and opium don't hold a candle to booze when it comes to negative physical effects. The only "drug" I am on the fence about legalizing is meth. It's purely synthetic and is just horrible for you. I would say legalize all natural drugs. Decriminalize any possession of synthetics but keep production of synthetics illegal. I think the trick would be where to draw the line (if one was desired) on synthetics. Booze? Heroin? Coke?
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Originally Posted by caconservative View Post
Massive unemployment. I don't care how cheap illegal drugs get, if you don't have the money to buy them your going to commit a crime to get them. I personally don't think users should be imprisoned. It's a waist of time and money. Dealers, is a different matter.
Really? Weed is 15/g here but we're not going around bashing old ladies over their heads for money for a .5.
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According to the DoJ, something like 80% of all murders and a large portion of all violent crime (non domestic disturbance) is related to the drug trade.

We don't hear about people killing each other over a bottle of booze or a pack of cigarettes.

Illegal drug are expensive because they are illegal. I firmly believe legalizing, not just decriminalizing, drugs will reduce the cost of the drugs. This will reduce greatly reduce the violence related to the drug trade. It should reduce other crimes as well. I see a direct correlation between what we see today and what happened during prohibition. Prior to the Volstead act there was crime, but it wasn't organized. But when a bottle of scotch went from $2 a bottle to $50 a bottle, suddenly there was real money to be made by the importation, distillation and distribution of alcohol. It was prohibition followed shortly by making heroin and cocaine illegal that created what we now call the mafia. And now we have the Russians who are even more brutal than the Italians were. It's ALL related to the drug trade. Removing drugs would crippled most of the large criminal enterprises.

If a user can walk into a legitimate retail store and buy their drug of choice, including the pharmaceutical pain killers like Oxy, I think we'll see a significant reduction in over all crime. An Oxy costs $4 or $5 per pill, retail. On the street they can sell for as much as $60each ! Will people still commit crimes to get their drugs. Yes they will. BUT when your $400 a day habit drops to $40 a day, it's much more manageable.

Lets also not forget the savings to the government. 70% of ALL prisoners are NON violent drug offenders. We could close at least half of all prisons in the nation. And let's be honest, as an ex con, even a non violent offender, your chances of getting a decent job, are between slim and none. I say lets pardon them all, and expunge their records. Give them a chance to live normal lives again.

We could free up law enforcement to battle the real criminals. No only will we save billions spent on "the war on drugs" by legalizing taxing and regulating, we can turn a several hundred billion dollar black market industry into a legitimate tax paying business.

Lastly the reason we have crack and meth, is because of targeted enforcements. Heroin was king in the 60's and 70's and every LEO in the country was tasked with shutting down the heroin trade. So in the 80's we got cocaine !! So we went after the coke, and here comes crack. So we "get tough" on crack and now we have meth.

Every time we crack down on one drug, someone, somewhere comes up with something cheaper and easier to make. Not to mention, worse for your over all health.

Legalize tax and regulate. There will always be people that are violent, and we should put them in prison. We'll have plenty of room to keep them locked away once we release the non violent prison population.

We spend an enormous amount of time and money battling the drug trade, yet we only stop about 2% (TWO percent) of all the drugs. I think we'd be far better off legalizing taxing and regulating. What we're doing now certainly isn't working.

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