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Originally Posted by Castle Doctrine View Post
Yep, the inhalation of particulate matter is always a BAD, BAD idea. Like you, I wish I had never picked up the habit. It took me three tries to give it up. But, I went cold turkey (the only way to quit is to QUIT). And all the money I wasted...probably fund my son's college education (through grad school).

One of the things that bothers me about the opposition to cannabis is their tendency to cite silly stuff like pilots flying high or brain surgeons operating high. No one is advocating for that. It is a very bad idea to operate complex, heavy machinery under the influence. Intoxicants do not belong in the workplace. On the other hand, if I have to choose between a drunk and a stoned doctor the doper wins every time...but, I don't really want to choose. And no one under 21 should be allowed except for medical purposes (med in CO is 1...real medical purposes.

Hey, how did you feel getting ready to go to boot camp? I was thinking about that today. I recall I saw it as some sort of test of my manhood. I remember being VERY apprehensive. But, it turned out to be much easier than I anticipated. Not easy but not the impossible challenge I had been lead to expect. In some ways, OCS was more difficult physically (avoid former SEAL BMCM DI's). Any way, just asking. Hardly anyone talks about it...and the group able to talk about it gets smaller every day. Ever wonder about that?
I was a little nervous but then again I requested and got San Diego even though I lived in Park Ridge right next to Chicago, and could have easily gone to Great Lakes Naval Station. A funny thing happened on departure; there were only two of us going to San Diego and the other guy was Black so I got put in charge of him, WTF? Our 707 lost an engine and we had to land in Colorado, and then take another plane to somewhere north of San Diego and then a bus the rest of he way, we were late and as we got off the bus some Marine DI started yelling for everyone to get in a line, not being one to argue on my first day, I complied. Then he started calling out names, neither of our names was called. So the DI , this was around 2330, asked "Who the hell are you two ass holes?", I answered that we were joining the Navy, and he blew up and screamed for us to get the hell out of his column of Marines. I couldn't believe how pissed off he was, especially when some of his recruits started laughing.
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