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Originally Posted by BubbaJones View Post
With the collapse of the old Soviet Union and China's embrace of capitalism, the "cold war" has been replaced by the "war on terror".

Same shit, different enemy.
Did the war on terror need Abrams tanks and the F-35? Just two examples. The B-2 as Athena so eloquently described?

In terms of the massive weapons build-up, the war on terror was a poor excuse.
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.Well, that was his Constitutional duty. The Mullahs were attempting to blockade the Straits of Hormuz. Now you may not understand what that means, or maybe your a regressive leftists (which I suspect now)
It is in the constitution that we control the whole world? Which came first the Mullah's defense or the US occupation of their territory? Before this was Eisenhower administration's use of the CIA in a coup to overthrow Iran's government. That is what started the conflict between the US and Iran. Before this, the US and Iran had a good relationship. Iran liked the US for chasing out the Brits and liberating Iran. The actions of the CIA could not possibly be constitutional because the CIA didn't exist before WWII. The CIA is an idea coming from the Germany we defeated and so is the Military Industrial Complex from the Germany we defeated. The US has certainly over stepped the defense of our nation. What is happening is a global conflict for control of oil and power. We are what we defended our democracy against. So much for constitutional protection.

Economist: Beware Desperate Mullahs As New Sanctions Shock Iran ...
Jan 4, 2012 - Tehran warned it could shut the Strait of Hormuz and yesterday threatened to take action if the US navy moves an aircraft carrier, which left the Gulf on December 27 on a planned routine transit through the Strait, back into the Gulf. Iran's Mad Mullahs must be very concerned about the violent protests ...
About the use of the CIA that started the conflict with Iran, and I repeat the US is imitating the Germany we defeated and the cost to taxpayers is every high. Our reputation is the complete opposite of what it was when we demobilized after every war. Before we imitated Germany we were not known for our military might. That was not what us great! It was our ideology and understanding of the principles of democracy with liberty and justice that made us great. The coup-

CIA-assisted coup overthrows government of Iran - Aug 19, 1953 ...
The Iranian military, with the support and financial assistance of the United States government, overthrows the government of Premier Mohammed Mosaddeq and reinstates the Shah of Iran. ... His actions brought him into conflict with the pro-Western elites of Iran and the Shah, Mohammed ...
You mean sold?
No, I do not mean sold. I mean granted.

U.S. Secretly Gave Aid to Iraq Early in Its War Against Iran - NYTimes ...
Jan 26, 1992 - The Reagan Administration secretly decided to provide highly classified intelligence to Iraq in the spring of 1982 -- more than two years earlier than previously ... that Iraq was on the verge of being overrun by Iran, whose army was bolstered the year before by covert shipments of American-made weapons.
Well, it would appear to me that Jimmy Carter wanted to Conserve oil and increase coal production. So, tell me about this finite thing again?
We live on a finite planet and all things on this planet are finite. Some things are more finite than others. Consider the nations you thought you needed to explain to me that have nothing for an economy except oil. Do you think their supply of oil is infinite? What if it is not? What is going to happen when they run out of oil? I really want your answers to these questions.

With oil, the problem is not only that it is finite but also it is a matter of technology. Today we get more than 100 times more use from a barrel of oil, because of advanced technology. Also with advanced technology, we can access more oil than we could before. Remember I said shell oil seemed a better way to go than fracking? Neighter is as ideal as an old-fashioned oil well, and both are more expensive. Shifting to fracking is a matter of perfecting the technology. The technology of fracking was not immediately clear. We would have been fracking when OPEC embargoed oil to us if we could have. OPEC had us by the balls, and that is why the Reagan administration slashed domestic budgets and poured money into military spending, not fracking. Get it?

PS, you might notice I edited out your insulting words? Why do you use them? Does it make you feel better to be an ass?

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