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Recession Is A Synonym For Depression

“Never waste a good crisis.” Hillary Clinton

“You never want a good crisis to go to waste.” Rahm Emanuel
If you do not have one pray for one.

I believe this guy’s stated motive because he is not smart enough to know why the mother of all recessions, THE GREAT DEPRESSION, was the best thing that ever happened to Socialists, nor is he astute enough to know that a vast majority of Americans want democracy flushed down the toilet along with the parasite class:

Bill Maher: I Hope There's Another Recession So We Can Get Rid Of Trump
Matt Vespa
Posted: Jun 11, 2018 1:25 PM

The Great Depression was the first crisis manipulated by Socialists in order to advance Socialism. The Great Depression is the Socialist/Communist template for every economic crisis.

Contemporary Socialists have a big problem with the Great Depression template. Their commitment to implementing worldwide Socialism/Communism is now part of the equation; making it impossible for them to succeed at home. Hopefully, a bunch of knowledgeable conservatives are examining the opportunities Socialism’s problem offer for defeating Socialism once and for all.

Communists acquired the most influence in governmental during the Great Depression. For all of their gains under FDR, the Socialists had a problem. Far too many Americans still had private sector jobs, and enough understanding of individual liberties, to avoid being forced into accepting totalitarian government. The Socialist priesthood will not make that mistake a second time. The government taking control of major industries is only the tip of the iceberg.

Independence from government is the enemy of the collectivist mindset. Democracy’s shock troops have been attacking every individual harboring one iota of independence from government control. Democrats are in the process of setting runaway inflation in motion. The plan is to destroy the savings of every private sector working American. Research retail prices across the board if you have any doubts.

Once inflation destroys the buying power of those Americans who have some savings, massive property tax increases on the local level will follow. When everything that is necessary in order to remain free from government is subdued, Democrats are confident that the battered remnants of a once-free people will beg the Socialist priesthood to rescue them; hence, total Communism can be ushered in.

The Democrat plan is to destroy the mechanics of independence from government. That means destroying those working Americans who are financially solvent. I am not talking about the very wealthy. I am talking about tens of millions of working Americans.

Obviously, the federal government cannot allow retail prices to come down. The Great Depression is the justification for propping up Wall Street at all costs. The myth says that the collapse of Wall Street caused the Great Depression. That is not true. Implementing Woodrow Wilson’s policy’s after WWI ended contributed more to create the Great Depression than did Wall Street’s collapse. The entire Wall Street myth is an insurance policy for wealthy absentee owners whose premiums are paid with income tax dollars.

In truth, 1913 was the best year American Socialists ever had. It is their 1776. Woodrow Wilson, their George Washington, took office in 1913 then he entered WWI after he promised to keep the country out of Europe’s wars. Wilson also gets the blame for the United Nations after it succeeded the failed League of Nations.

Nineteen thirteen also gave the country the XVI and XVII Amendments and the Federal Reserve.

The year 1913 was the worst year in this country’s history. The year 1938 was the worst year of the Great Depression —— and that was after FDR had been in office six years. Were it not for the war that was already being fought in Europe and China, I doubt if FDR would have been elected to a third term in 1940. It was WW II that ended the Great Depression. The American Left always denies that fact.

WWII made American Socialists look better than they actually were. Had Hitler not double-crossed Stalin every American Socialist/Communist would have been a conscientious objectors in WWII. No Communist teacher will teach students that bit of history, nor will any public trough professor admit that FDR Socialists never solved any of the problems that led to the Great Depression. When FDR said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” he meant that lost liberty is nothing to fear.

My contention has always been that low levels of private sector unemployment is the time to dramatically reduce the number of parasites feeding at the public trough. Unfortunately, the parasite class’ greatest strength is that no politician is going to put more people out of work when unemployment is rising. The thing to fear the most is Americans making the same mistake they made during Great Depression when they handed their freedoms to the federal government instead of demanding more freedoms.

Should another Great Depression be in the cards, those living on the public purse will be the only ones with a secure income. Shrinking tax revenues caused by huge private sector unemployment will not be enough to force elected officials to cut back on the welfare state programs.

NOTE: Climbing out of the Great Depression was not burdened with tens of millions of illegal aliens accompanied by a growing number of United Nations economic refugees.

Today’s Socialists/Communists fear that the next Great Depression will not play out the same way as did the first Great Depression. The parasite class has to fear a first. The next revolution will be fought to overthrow Communists rather then put them in power. They, more than anyone, understand that no amount of government police power can stop a violent revolution from wiping them out. (Think the fallacy of disarming the American people.)

Those men and woman who fought in WW I are remembered as The Lost Generation. The kids that came along after WW II are The Baby Boom Generation. The “creative crowd” who created the drug culture called themselves the Beat Generation. There is also something called Generation X, and lets not overlook the yuppies.

My generation, born in FDR’s first term, is The Generation That Never Was. We were the first generation of native-born Americans who never inhaled one breath of the freedoms this country’s Founding Fathers bequeathed to Americans. During hard times, and with the very best of intentions, our parents and grandparents handed many of us over to the Communist teachers for indoctrination; still others were sent to the church of Socialism for salvation, and just for good measure we were all given to the government for taxation. Indoctrination, salvation, and taxation is what the Great Depression was all about. Those three things and nothing more.

There were fewer Americans born in the nineteen-thirties than at any other time; so that generation never had the numbers necessary to influence domestic policy. New Deal social engineers knew that they had to buy time so they could implement their programs without debate or opposition. At least one generation had to be silenced in order to break the chain of political continuity that protected the Rights of individuals. Those Rights were always strengthened by each succeeding generation whenever they corrected, adjusted, or eliminated any mistakes made by the preceding generations. Social engineers understood this and decided to mute my generation at the ballot box.

By the time we were old enough to vote it was too late. Those of my generation who did go into government never spoke out for the rest of us. They went along to get along. Fate, if not the majority of the American people, played into the hands of American Socialists. First and foremost was the Cold War. Socialists made the most of the external threat of nuclear war coming from the Soviet Union to play upon the realistic fears of the American people.

Then there was a massive brainwashing campaign carried out by the most efficient, government-funded and controlled, instruments of propaganda technology ever developed; i.e., talking pictures, radio, and TV. That campaign is still in progress.

My generation was simply overwhelmed at the ballot box. Nowadays, a substantial number of Americans in every generational grouping do not bother to vote because they know that they cannot stop Socialism from spreading by voting for one liar or the other.

The generations born before us were already believers. In addition, the Great Society was chugging along at an alarming pace by the time the Vietnam War ended; so elderly Americans were assisted by an unlimited number of immigrants and the Baby Boomers voting with them. Both of those groups swallowed the propaganda hook, line, and sinker. The three groups combined swallowed The Generation That Never Was, and down the hatch with us went individual liberties.

Sadly, those who came after WW II never understood what was stolen from them before they were born in return for what the government is giving them now. The education system took care of that little detail; however, the education system failed with my generation from a Socialist point of view because the propaganda never really succeeded in indoctrinating the majority of The Generation That Never Was. We understood better than anyone else what was being taken from us without our consent precisely because of when we were born. The brainwashing attempts that were first tried on us did not, and could not, erase a sense of what this country was before incremental, New Deal, Socialism began succeeding in its long march. We witnessed and understood the transition from then until now without any help from the public education system.

The one thing that we knew for sure as we grew older and looked back was that Socialism had been failing until WW II came along and gave social engineers a breathing spell.

Today’s leading Democrats are the legitimate heirs of those New Deal social engineers who had entrenched themselves in government under FDR. Democrats in Congress silenced The Generation That Never Was after WW II had ended and before we came of voting age in order for Socialist programs to take root. By the time The Generation That Never Was came of age the courts were well on their way to joining with legislators in controlling anyone who opposed Socialism/Communism. That control was effectively applied by denying individuals their Right to abstain. (See the quote following my signature.)

Stooges working in the government controlled media were rewarded handsomely with tax deductible advertising dollars for cooperating with the social engineers; giving the engineers time to beautify Socialism’s failure before WW II. They needed time and they bought it at our expense because my generation was born at the wrong time in American history. Had there been more of us Socialism would have failed again.

Now that Beltway elitists are determined to engage in social engineering on a global scale, through the U.N., I fear that Armageddon is closer than it was in 1932.

Once foreign resistance is clearly defined for whatever reasons, an omnipotent U.N. will call out the U.S. military and order it to ram Socialism down the throats of recalcitrant strangers. President “Fill in the name of your choice” will finance U.N. omnipotence with the income tax.

Finally, there was a time when I thought the oncoming train wreck could be postponed indefinitely, or at least delayed until my generation got off the train. Looking at the Democrat Party’s wannabes for 2020 it does not look like The Generation That Never Was will catch a break in our twilight years.
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