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First Eliminate Subsidies

As President Trump was heading for the door he dropped a bomb on G7 leaders when he said the world should eliminate all tariffs:

Earlier in the day, before Mr. Trump left the summit, he brought up the dramatic prospect of completely eliminating tariffs on goods and services, even as he threatened to end all trade with them if they didn’t stop what he said were unfair trade practices.

Mr. Trump, speaking to reporters at the end of the contentious meeting, said that eliminating all trading barriers would be “the ultimate thing.” He railed about what he called “ridiculous and unacceptable” tariffs on American goods and vowed to end them.
Trump Refuses to Sign G-7 Statement and Calls Trudeau ‘Weak’
By Michael D. Shear and Catherine Porter
June 9, 2018

Government subsidies is the root cause of tariffs. Government subsidies is the teat parasites suck on in every country. More to the point, government subsidies is the economic engine that drives Socialism/Communism worldwide.

Bottom line: Objection to tariffs is really an objection to government subsides.

Hollywood parasites hate Donald Trump more than any other group hates him because he might eliminate their tax dollar incomes. God forbid that Hollywood parasites produce a product without tax dollars. Do away with entertainment industry subsidies and everything else will fall like dominoes. Democrat politicians who rely on support from Hollywood with government subsidies they provide would be the first domino to fall.

Incidentally, the best way foreign governments can get back to the good old days of unfair trade practices is to impose huge tariffs on everything that Hollywood and television exports. Elected parasites in this country will do the work for their counterparts in every foreign country. Frankly, I doubt if you can find three members of Congress who would vote against Hollywood’s subsidies and tax breaks.

NOTE: I noticed the occasional foreign language TV series with subtitles on televison. I cannot imagine Americans watching them. With the exception of imports from Great Britain there is no market for foreign garbage in this country. I do not how that affects the trade imbalance.

Finally, Communist and Muslim countries often ban Hollywood movies and TV shows. I think one Muslim country even banned Miss Piggy. So how many Hollywood parasites who support tariffs know that banning a work of fiction is nothing more than a tariff by another name.
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Or, Don the Con can place tariffs on the very goods that he and his daughter manufacture overseas.........
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