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Considering the volume of students who go to college and never graduate for whatever reason, the debt these non-grads incur in the process is staggering to pay off with the lower salaries they would earn. For many they were not prepared for the challenges they would face.

So does that mean they should just give up? No. And here is my solution: I created a series of 160 online 3D interactive maps of history and science that enable students to digitally walk famous explorer expeditions that are quoted and page-referenced based on books written by the explorers themselves that are available to read online. Maps that enable you to explore the depths of the ocean and see the locations of hydrothermal vents and cold seeps. Maps that enable you to zoom in close on the ancient ruins around the world. Maps that enable you to combine the over 100 year old Koppen Climate Classification System with today's NOAA 24-hour radar and METAR Wind Speed and Direction maps in order to determine for yourself the effects of climate change. Maps that enable you to digitally climb Mt. Everest following Hillary's famous expedition. Maps that link to government agencies, universities and other quality sources. Maps that are linked to by such institutions as UN-SPIDER, Smithsonian Libraries Unbound, a National Association of Educators (NEA) article, and various universities and middle schools.

To see a sampling check out my pinterest page at https://www.pinterest.com/georgestiller/
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Originally Posted by hot dragon View Post
depends on the job. when a graduate starts work, there is a degree of on the job training anyway. it builds on the basics they learned when getting their degree. for a lot of things you need a high level of knowledge before starting on the job training.

the fact that you have got a college degree is some evidence that you have a level of drive, work ethic and ability to learn. at least it used to be, and it should be still.
I would add that in more cases than has been considered, it is better that many graduating from high school got to work first, and then start a college degree after they have had to time to experience the workplace first.

This gives them the opportunity to see how a degree translates into the real world, and thus the insight to make a better decision which degree to pursue, and the real world consequences of the cost of that degree.
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Frankly, in the twentieth century most American universities replaced classical education with humanist education with corresponding decline in quality of students. Presently, only American education in technical sciences is worth spending money on.
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I skipped college entirely and instead used my free time to learn business via the Internet. I then used a fraction of what I would've spent on college to kickstart my business. The end result is that I work from home, on my own hours, and am bringing in low-to-mid five figures monthly, with minimal overhead.

I say this not to brag, but to say that I agree that college is a waste of time and money for many people. If you're someone with low expectations, and would be happy working a time-trade job for a fixed income, fine. Go to college. If you'd rather be at the top of the food chain, there are better options.
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