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Originally Posted by BubbaJones View Post
But doesn't "sexism" pretty much cover all the above ?? Wasn't it sexism that kept women from voting ?? Wasn't it sexism that kept women off the ballots ?? Wasn't it sexism that denied women the higher educations needed to be qualified for office ??

I don't see why your child should have been upset. The teacher wasn't wrong. "Sexism" was simply the short answer.

Women HAVE made great strides in the last century. But there is still a very persistent mindset out there that women "just aren't capable" of doing certain jobs. As such, starting as girls they are told sometimes outright, but often more subtly, that they shouldn't pursue certain fields of study.

My mom in her own quiet way was a bit of a revolutionary. She went to college in the 50's and was the only woman in some of her classes because she was planning to work in what was a very male dominated field. In the 60's she raced sports cars with my father. Damned fast too, and at 86 years old still drives better than most people !! Having grown up with that kind of mom, I don't carry the "women can't" mindset, and I don't understand those that do.

For thousands of years it was women that handled the vast majority of medical care. But when doctoring became a "profession" women were first reduced to only being allowed to handle childbirth, then later not even that. After thousand of years they were now not qualified to be doctors ??

In most societies cooking the family meals is "women's work" but all the great chefs were men ?? Julia Child shocked the men when she attended Le Cordon Bleu cooking school.

Maybe your child's teacher just wasn't in a debating mood, but I don't see where she was wrong at all. the answer is sexism, and despite the gains women have made it is very much alive and well here in the 21st century.

Because it is an on going theme in the classroom. The if you don't vote for Clinton you are sexist undertone. My kid calls he "my SJW teacher"
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Originally Posted by Sabcat View Post
the jr high kids are learning about the american system of government. today they were talking about term limits and things along that line. the topic of VP came up and one of the kids asked if there was ever a female VP the teacher responded no. the same kid then asked if she knew why not as a follow up question and the teacher responded because of sexism in america. yes, the teacher said that the reason that there has never been a woman VP was sexism. fantastic!!
I confounded my 8th grade social studies teacher with my answer said out loud in class. The teacher thought a little and said, "You are bright and as bright as the Sun." Said with a dour face which ridiculed me in front of my classmates. I never liked that teacher after that but still was outspoken in his class. My 8th grade Math teacher was something else. Years later he got killed by person or persons unknown in a secret room inside his house.
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