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Originally Posted by caconservative View Post
Yeah, you empty nut-sack! It's called "post" catastrophe because it happen "AFTER"!!
If any dinosaurs survived , the plant eating dinosaurs would have died first , leaving the meat eaters a Smörgåsbord to scavenge from.
That didn't not happen ,
It's obvious you didn't read the article.
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Originally Posted by caconservative View Post
Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction time period: Would that be the time period animals were fighting over very limited resources to survive? Catastrophe or over-population, the result is the same.
Resources became much, much more limited after a major asteroid impact created a 'nuclear winter' scenario for several years afterwards..blocking out the Sun and making it hard for much of anything to grow on land (so, the only land-based lifeforms to survive were the tiny shrew-like mammals that had been hiding underground as much as possible to escape dinosaur predation for millions of years). But, that asteroid hit killed off all of the large (larger than shrews) landlife(and flying reptiles) at the time...which of course, was the end of the Age of Reptiles as well, since during the more than 100,000 year long recovery period of life on Earth, the mammalian species...which irony of ironies, were diversifying and rapidly evolving and about to become the dominant order of land animals until the mass extinction of 250 million years ago (Permian-Triassic...look up mammal-like reptiles) ruined their plans. *

If nothing else, the progression and extinctions show us how much of evolutionary history happens by accident and not any sort of an overall...let alone divine plan! Mammals were about to take over 250 million years ago...then got interrupted for 180 million years, then, picked up where they left off after the demise of dinosaurs and other large reptiles at the end of the Reptile interlude in the history of life.

*worth noting that many...probably most of the paleontologists studying the period of the K-T Extinction boundary, now believe that the asteroid wasn't the only event that caused that extinction period, since the formation of a smaller(than the Siberian Traps) volcanic flood basalt formation in Northern India(the Deccan Traps..formed when the India Subcontinent went crashing into Asia forming the Himalayas) is now placed in that time period of the Extinction. So, better geochemical rock analysis can help clear up some of the mysteries that made many paleontologists reluctant to accept the Asteroid Impact theory of extinction, even after a global layer of iridium was found at the extinction timeline. The high levels of carbon dioxide kicked out before and after the asteroid impact can explain why diversity of dinosaurs and other larger species were in decline before the major extinction event, while a few smaller dinosaurs lingered on after the Extinction for awhile before completely dying out. More information and data usually reveal past events are more complicated than earlier believed.
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