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Message to the government of Ukraine #OpUkraine


Citizens of the European Union! We are anonymous. For a long time we stood off the grid, remained neutral and silently watched the Ukrainian authorities forging their way to gain the confidence of the European community, deftly hiding true face behind masks of lies and hypocrisy. The time has come to put an end to the fraud. Despite demonstrated loyalty, good-neighborliness and alleged commitment to the European values, the Ukrainian authorities are openly persecuting the Polish population within their country. The right to self-determination of the Polish minority in Volyn region of Ukraine has been practically destroyed. Polish language along with any Polish attributes in the region are prohibited, the authorities strictly suppress any attempts by local Poles to hold meetings. The most vocal representatives of the Polish minority in Ukraine become subject to illegal surveillance, prime suspects in fabricated criminal cases and unfortunate victims of accidents and armed attacks. Under the pretext of inspections the Ukrainian police confiscate Polish documents, lose them, deface or even replace them with fakes to instantly open criminal cases against their owners. We are anonymous! We intend to take off those masks of lies, hypocrisy and pretense from the Ukrainian authorities! We warn the government of Ukraine! No one will go unpunished! In the nearest future, we are going to start publishing personal data of all Ukrainian citizens involved in encroaching on the rights of Polish people in Ukraine. And we will keep doing it until the harassment of Poles is stopped. This is not a threat, it is a promise. We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

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Friend understand your feelings, but do not enter into this revenge, because the violence does not bring you any thefts only brings destruction and hatred, the truth is that the world is going crazy, my friend, I'm Portuguese and I'll tell you the truth in the country Luxembourg has many Portuguese immigrants and it is forbidden to speak Portuguese France has 1 million Portuguese it is also forbidden to speak Portuguese in France, three more friends who left Portugal in my And answered us in French, we were 4 Portuguese and we asked her the food in Portuguese, friend excuse my Latin the motherfucker of the Portuguese did not understand us always stupid to speak in French a friend of mine gave a punch at the table the People who were in the restaurant looked at us, this friend said or you attend us in the Portuguese language or you'll see shit here you can call the police, or you're afraid of losing your job because of serving us in Portuguese, friend that Portuguese goat automatically started talking Portuguese for uscar on the way to Germany we stopped in France for lunch, the maid was Portuguese. And she said that in her work she could not speak Portuguese, we knew she was Portuguese by name.
Friend we were revolted one she was Portuguese, another is forbidden to speak Portuguese in France, in the end we paid the bill a friend of ours in the end spoke to her in French and she was amazed. Concluding and summarizing in France it may be forbidden to speak Portuguese, but I am disgusted by this, but I also think that not all Frenchmen agree with what they have.Friend with this scene I was taught every foreigner to come to my country and ask me for help in English seija the citizen seija Dutch Swedish Danish French English, even if they speak for me in Spanish Spanish I do not help them I say that I do not understand. Want to come to do tourism to portugal first that will learn to speak portuguese With this attitude of mine I know that I will pay the just for the sinner, if in germany france england etc etc there are bad people there are also good people, I can say that the French like a cat or a dog of a human being, now it's a lot Sad in me to say what I am saying here but friend I went through them as I spent in germany, friend italy portugal spain from france to northern europe nobody likes these three latin countries And know why because of our history that is superior to them if they have history can thank the Iberian people, so friend do not enter into violence, go for peace because this dog world is full of hatred.Friend is to give contempt to people who have a wild animal mentality.
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