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Things the whole world should learn from Portugal

Things the whole world should learn from Portugal.
Portugal is a much more balanced country than the average and is much larger than it looks. I think the world would be better if it were a bit more like Portugal.

Among the things I hate most, two can be highlighted: ingratitude and pessimism. I am incurably grateful and optimistic and, celebrating almost 2 years in Lisbon, I feel that I owe to Portugal the recognition of incredible things that exist here - although it seems to me that many do not even realize it.

I'm not saying that Portugal is perfect. No place is. Neither the Portuguese are, nor the Brazilians, nor the Germans, nor anyone else. But to look at flaws and bad points just open any newspaper, as we do daily. But I believe that Portugal has certain characteristics on which the whole world should draw inspiration.

To begin with, the world should learn to cook with the Portuguese. The French would learn that those dishes with tiny portions do not delight anyone. The Germans would discover other side dishes besides the potato. The English would learn everything from scratch. Cod and cream cake? No. We're talking about a lot more. Duck rice, octopus rice, alheira, fresh grilled fish, clams, black pork feathers, sautéed greens, tomato rice, camel baba, sweet rice, wafer cake, soft eggs.

More than that, the world should learn to relate to the land as the Portuguese relate. To know the time of the cherries, the chestnuts and the vintage. Know that the pig is Alentejo, that the wine is from the Douro. Perhaps the small territory allows the Portuguese to know better the route of food to their table, different from what happens, for example, in Brazil.

The world should know how to link the land to family and history like the Portuguese. The history of the grandfather's farm, the family's origins, the typical recipes of the village where the grandmother was born. The world should not let the past flow so quickly through your fingers. And if some say that Portugal lives from the past, I am sure that this is what makes them have such deep and strong roots.

The world should have the balance between the rigidity and the affection that the Portuguese have.

Brazil's sympathy and charisma are of no avail if they prevent us from acting with the seriousness and firmness that certain matters demand. Deputy Jair Bolsonaro, who defends ideas worse than those of Donald Trump, emerged as a joke and today strengthens as an oversight in our political scenario. Neither Bolsonaro nor Trump would be in Portugal. The Portuguese - right or left - do not laugh at this kind of figure, nor allow it to flourish.

At the same time, the Japanese rigor that ends in suicide, nor the Nordic coldness that results in the absence of ties is of no use. The Portuguese are the few people who know how to measure rigidity and affection, acidity and sweetness, always seeking the correct measure of each element, albeit unconsciously.

Every country in the world should have a date like April 25 to celebrate. If Brazil had set a date to celebrate the end of the dictatorship, we might not have looked so painfully at the fragility of our democracy. Every country should fix what is past and what is future through dates like this.

Every language should carry affection in the common words as the Portuguese of Portugal carries. I like being called a girl. I like to watch the boys play and listen to their parents affectionately call them fucking. I like the constant use of diminutives. I like to hear "I hurt you" when someone steps on my foot. I like the use of sweet words.

The world should learn to be modest like the Portuguese - although the Portuguese should have more pride in this country than they have. Portugal uses its best characteristics to bring people together, not to push them away. The arrogance that prevails in so many European countries, passes well away from the Portuguese.

The world should know how to look in and out as Portugal knows. Portugal does not live as self-centered as the French and the Americans do. On the other hand, it does not ignore important internal issues, prioritizing what comes from outside, as occurs with so many colonized countries.

Portugal is a much more balanced country than the average and is much larger than it looks. I think the world would be better if it were a bit more like Portugal. This luck, at least, we Brazilians had.
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Coisas que o mundo inteiro deveria aprender com Portugal.

Things the whole world should learn from Portugal.
Thanks from Jimmyb, webguy4 and Hollywood
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