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Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho

Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho: "If I knew how the country would stay, I did not make the revolution"
Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho hears every day people tell him that what is needed is a new revolution, but, 37 years later, he guarantees that if he knew how the country was going to stay, he would not have made the 25th of April. 1974

At age 75, Othello remains in the mood and speaks of the carnation revolution as if it had happened two days ago. He recalls the purposes, lists names, knows the roles of each of the actors by heart, is rigorous in his memoirs, although he acknowledges that he still knows of anonymous contributions that reveal, so many decades later, his role in the coup he laid for A dictatorship of 28 years.

This permanent update has justified, among other purposes, his literary work, such as the most recent "O dia inicial", which tells the story of April 25 "hour by hour".

Despite being associated with the "April Captains" movement and accepting the role that history has assigned to him in this revolution, Othello does not hide any discouragement. He, who assumes himself as an "optimist by nature". "I am an optimist by nature, but it is very difficult to face the future with optimism. Our country has no natural resources and the only wealth it has is its people," he said in an interview with Agência Lusa.

Othello regrets the "enormous salary differences" that exist in the Portuguese society and shatters names of public personalities, whose salary is indignant. "I can not accept these differences, they shocked me, and so did the others, the ones who got up at 05:00 to go to work in the factory and in the fields and come to the end of the month with an orderly misery?" , Without hiding the discouragement. For this eternal Captain of April, what most disappoints him is "issues that he considered very important in the political program of the Armed Forces Movement (MFA) have not been fulfilled."
13 de abril de 2011 às 12:58
One of them, which he considered "crucial," was the creation of a system that would rapidly raise the social, economic and cultural level of a whole people who lived 48 years under a dictatorship. "" This people, who lived 48 years under a dictatorship Military and fascist society deserved more than two million Portuguese living in a state of poverty. "These millions, he stressed, means that" the objectives "were not achieved on 25 April.

For this, and other reasons, Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho guarantees that today would not make the revolution, if he knew that the country would be in the state in which it is. "He asked for the resignation of an army officer, he would never set foot in the barracks again, because he did not want to assume this responsibility," he said. Othello justifies: "April 25 is done in terms of political thinking, with a firm will to change the situation and to rapidly develop the economic, social and cultural level of the people, not done or done very slowly."

"Important things have been done in the field of education and health, but a lot of them have now been cut down again," he lamented. "I would have asked for the resignation of an army officer, and perhaps as many young people have done today, had gone abroad," he said. "I would not have done it on April 25 if I thought we were going to fall into the situation we are currently in.
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