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June 02, 2011 4:54 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Fox News has a nasty habit of assembling trios of unqualified and anti-gay guests to fearmonger about the threat of “gay indoctrination” aimed at America’s youth.

Last week, it was a “power panel” decrying a gender diversity lesson in a California elementary school.

This week, it was “The Great American Panel” attesting to the evils of Sesame Street’s [[insidious]] pro-diversity and pro-tolerance agenda. The panel consisted of:

  • - Ben Shapiro, a conservative columnist who has compared homosexuality to incest and adultery, called homosexuality “immoral behavior,” and accused President Obama of trying to start a “race war.”
  • - Ken Blackwell, a former Ohio secretary of state who has publicly endorsed the idea that “homosexuality is a compulsion that can be contained, repressed or changed” and attempted to smear his opponent in the 2006 Ohio gubernatorial race by accusing him of having a gay affair.
  • - Kirsten Haglund, the 2008 winner of the Miss America pageant.
Seems “fair and balanced” enough for Fox, doesn’t it?

During the June 1 edition of Fox News’ Hannity, Shapiro pitched his new book, Primetime Propaganda, in which he attempts to prove that the “Hollywood industry” has a clear liberal bias. The panel seemed exceptionally bothered by Sesame Street’s lessons about gender diversity:

SHAPIRO: If you go on the Sesame Street website, it talks about -- “When you’re bringing up your child, make sure that you use gender-neutral language. Make sure that you give your boys dolls and make sure that you give your girls fire trucks.”
Again, this is the second time in two weeks that a Fox News guest has complained about an attempt to teach children that it’s OK if they are interested in things not typically associated with their gender.

In his book, Shapiro also attacks Sesame Street for inviting openly gay actor Neil Patrick Harris to be on the show:

"Sesame Street tried to tackle divorce, tackled 'peaceful conflict resolution' in the aftermath of 9/11 and had [gay actor] Neil Patrick Harris on the show playing the subtly-named 'fairy shoeperson'," notes Shapiro.

Blackwell argued that Sesame Street’s message was a “direct assault” on the country’s “moral foundation” and the reason that a Virginia high school recently voted for a gay male to be prom queen. I wish I were kidding:

BLACKWELL: Yeah and that’s setting up a problem. Just this year, a high school in Virginia named a guy who was openly gay as prom queen. So sometimes, you know, fiction does inform reality. And as Ken Klukowski and I lay out in our book, you know, there’s a direct assault on this country’s moral foundation. That’s a problem.

Believe it or not, America’s “moral foundation” does not rest on the idea that parents should only allow their children to play with toys that Fox News determines to be gender-appropriate.

If Sesame Street actually is advising parents to be accepting of gender non-conforming behavior (as of now, no such advice appears to be on show’s website), then it’s doing the right thing.

Several studies have found that gender non-conforming children with accepting parents experienced remarkably higher levels of physical and mental health than those with parents who attempt to “correct” their gender identities.

You didn’t hear that perspective on Fox News, though. Apparently, it’s more important to get the opinions of a former Miss America pageant star and an anti-gay former Ohio secretary of state than it is to interview somebody who actually knows what he or she is talking about.

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If the "moral foundation" of our nation is dependent on the playing with fire trucks of little girls, we dont' have much of a foundation to begin with.

I believe the "moral foundation" of our nation is more at risk from the constant barrage of dishonesty and deceit and distortion by our politicians and television pundits - and, of course, the idiocy of the average American who believes it all.
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Ray so far you've started 27 obscure gay-related threads this week and none of them got past 5 posts.

That means you need to start at least 17 more before Sunday

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This Ken Blackwell?

Ohio voters sued Blackwell on August 31, 2006 in a case called King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association v. Blackwell in which individual voters and three voters' rights groups alleged that, in his capacity as Secretary of State, Blackwell "allocated [2004] election resources in a racially discriminatory manner and instituted racially discriminatory procedures for provisional voting, purging voters from the statewide voter registration database, and maintaining the chain of custody of ballots. The complaint alleged that these actions led to the dilution and/or cancellation of plaintiffs' vote due to ballot cancellation and tampering, long poll lines, mechanical difficulties with voting machines, and unclear precinct boundaries." The complaint claims that plaintiffs reasonably feared these problems would recur in the November, 2006, election, and asked the court to appoint a special master to perform Blackwell's election administration duties in that election.

A Canton, New York resident named Richard Hayes Phillips who worked with the Ohio Honest Elections Campaign said he examined thousands of punch-card ballots cast in Ohio's heavily Democratic inner-city precincts that were tossed out because of over- or under-voting in the 2004 presidential race. Phillips said he found that on more than 1,900 ballots in six urban counties, there was a vote for President Bush or Senator John Kerry, and a second vote for one of the two independent candidates. In cases such as these, no presidential vote is counted. Philips noted that the problem was unusually prevalent, and appeared to be concentrated in every fifth precinct, and concluded the ballots in the urban areas must have been pre-punched, disproportionately affecting Kerry votes.

Blackwell is the focus of many allegations regarding the U.S. presidential election, 2004, vote count controversy while serving as Ohio Secretary of State.

Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman reported prior to the election the following abuses of his power in the weeks leading up to the vote, consisting mostly of a series of rulings that favored President Bush's side:

"Republican Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell has reversed a long-standing Ohio practice and is barring voters from casting provisional ballots within their county if they are registered to vote but there's been a mistake about where they are expected to cast their ballot. In this year's spring primaries, Blackwell allowed voters to cast provisional ballots by county, even if they were in the wrong precinct. But this fall, such voters will have to leave the wrong precinct and find their way to the right one. Blackwell hopes to succeed Republican Bob Taft as governor, and has labored hard to install e-voting machines with no paper trail, to give the statewide contract to Diebold, and to take a long series of steps apparently designed to help hand Ohio to George W. Bush. Blackwell is being widely compared to the infamous Katherine Harris, who handed Florida to George W. Bush in 2000 and was rewarded with a safe Congressional seat."

"The Columbus Dispatch (which has endorsed Bush) and WVKO Radio have both documented phone calls from people impersonating Board of Elections workers and directing registered voters to different and incorrect polling sites. One individual was falsely told not to vote at the polling station across the street from his house, but at a 'new' site, four miles away. Under Blackwell's new rules, such a vote would not be counted."

"Secretary of State Blackwell ruled that any voter registration form on other than -pound weight bond paper would not be accepted. This is an old law left over from pre-scanning days. Many voters who had registered on lighter paper, had their registration returned, even though the forms had been officially sanctioned by local election boards."
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