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They sell the stuff you need to make explosives

it's very easy. all you need is fuming nitric acid, and any hard plastic. if you let dilute nitric acid evaporate, it will soon start fuming, and if you continue to let it evaporate, it soon becomes a very "touchy" explosive powder. They mix other things with it to make the end result safe to handle. Potassium nitrate is sold at the nursery/gardening shops. all you have to do is mix it with diesel fuel in the right proportions and WHAM.

If you dissolve inner tubes in acetone, it makes a sort of "rocket fuel" that will explode if it's contained. there's an explosive that will actually detonate gasoline (all the others just set gas ablaze, wasting the energy that's in the fuel)

An M80 firecracker will detonate most explosives. Open the valves of some oxygen and acetylene tanks and let the gases mix in an enclosed place, like a truck, with charges set to pierce other such containers and you wont BELIEVE the power that will be unleashed. An egg-timer, a couple of wires, a coil spring from an ink pen and a motorcycle battery will give a man a 5 minute head start. Have a small scooter on the truck, rig an "anti-mess with" device and ride off.

You're LUCKY that all the punks do is bring a gun to their evil attacks.
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