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Help Stop The Dangerously Phony Food Safety Bill With Our New People's Phone Lobby


Announcing The Most Powerful People's Advocacy Tool EVER!!

The word we are getting is that our "good for nothing but photo-ops

and grandstanding" Congress may try to sneak through HR 2749 real

fast, the latest phony food safety bill on a suspension of rules any

day. Yes, we do need to take action to protect our food safety. But,

no, this bill does absolutely nothing to identify or address the real

problems. And by NOT addressing the real problems it can only do more

harm than good.

But we now launching an incredibly powerful new advocacy tool,

especially for the fight against HR 2749, and to stop all such future

lunacy in its tracks, the People's Phone Lobby interface. It's so

simple to use, just go to the page below and call your members of

Congress on one of the toll free numbers.

HR 2749 People's Phone Lobby:

The People's Phone Lobby, Public Record Resource

Then when you speak to the staffers in your congressional offices,

you don't JUST tell them your position, first you ASK them for their

position. Are they supporting HR 2749 or not? And THEN you give them

your position and MAKE them defend theirs if they do not agree with

us, that HR 2749 is just more very bad news, another deceptively

titled bill that in fact does the opposite of what it purports to be

about, assuming it anything besides totally worthless.

Why is this such a powerful new approach?? Because when you go to the

link above and record your notes of your phone calls with you members

of Congress, it becomes a permanent public record of just how many of

us are calling, and just how many of them are trying to completely

ignore the voice of the people, that any of their constituents can go

out and read for themselves.

To protect your privacy, the record you make of your conversations

with them will only display your initials and your city and state on

this new blogging site. But then ANYONE can see for themselves the

real numbers as to how many of us are demanding real change, and

which members of Congress think our calls can just go in one ear and

out the other. Go to the page below and put it to work for you and

your family now.

HR 2749 People's Phone Lobby:

The People's Phone Lobby, Public Record Resource

In fact, this is basically just what the corporate lobbyists do

behind our backs day in and day out and all night too. They jam

members of Congress about their positions on bills. And if they

aren't falling in line they apply pressure. But now with this

revolutionary logging tool, we can jam them right back. Why, we can

see them huddled in small groups in their cloakrooms even now,

talking about, "OMG, the people are on to us!!"

The fact is that a REAL food safety bill would be easy to write.

Provision one, force the filthy factory farms, which are breeding all

the antibiotic resistant bacteria and mutating viruses now, to clean

up their act. And JUST the big factory farms, not the small, healthy

organic farms that are the backbone of our real food safety.

Provision two, ban all ban GMOs until AFFIRMATIVELY proven safe and

require full disclosure labeling of all such products, cows shot up

with bovine growth hormone, etc. Of course, GMOs can never be proven

safe because they AREN'T. Rats fed GMO soybeans get sick and day.

That's right, they wouldn't feed this stuff to rats, but they want to

give it to our children.

So Congress having gotten the directive from the corporate special

interests that put profit ahead of our real food safety, a directive

to IGNORE the real problems and look somewhere else, along comes HR

2749, which lacks even a preamble to identify why the bill even

needed to be written in the first place, or what exactly it is

intended to correct.

Instead, ALL HR 2749 does is grant the FDA expansive and

unprecedented new POLICE powers to the FDA with no guidance of

congresional intent as to how that power should be exercised. And who

will be the administrators wielding this awesome new and truly

frightening power, you ask? Why, President Obama just appointed a

former Monsanto VP to oversee the FDA food safety group. There's a

example for you. What a coinky-dink!!

Remember when Obama told us not to worry (because HE was the

"decider") about all the drop dead creeps he was appointing to

government administrative positions, the worst of the worst, the SAME

people who were under all the rocks in the Bush administration? So

what happens when THOSE same people are making all the real policy

decisions because Congress has totally abdicated it's policy making

function? Well ... we get wolves in sheep's clothing legislation put

forward like HR 2749. It MUST be stopped.

And by getting on the phones now and making a public record of all

our calls at the page below, we can generate so much bad PR for

members of Congress who won't listen to the people, that even the

most tone deaf of them will have to start dancing eventually. So

let's get it started, and show the whole country how many tens and

hundreds of thousands of us are on to them.

HR 2749 People's Phone Lobby:

The People's Phone Lobby, Public Record Resource

The problem with food safety is NOT that the FDA doesn't have enough

Gestapo like police power to harass small farming operations. The

problem is that the FDA is perversely determined not to look at the

real source of all the filth in our food supply, and Congress is

doing nothing by way oversight to make them do it. And HR 2749 just

gives more powerful weapons to people who can't be trusted to use

responsibly the ones they already have.

And yes, you can also respond to this action through the new Twitter

gateway. Just send the following Twitter reply, and add any personal

comment you like.

@cxs #p996

And if you want a step by step explanation of how to set up the

Twitter thing here is the link for that.

Twitter Activism Step-By-Step: Twitter To Congress (@cxs) Step-By-Step

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed

to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at

The Peace Team Opt-In Page

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