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Originally Posted by goober View Post
At Last!
A Republican Plan.
So does it cover everyone?
Well everyone would have the right to buy Health Insurance....
Does it reduce premiums? Yes, those who choose to go without pay nothing...
Does it reduce deductibles? No, in order to lower some premiums, it makes deductibles higher.
Will rates go down? For those who choose to go uninsured, rates will be zero...
Do people save money? YES, there are nearly 600 billion in savings (going to people who earn over $200,000/yr)

That's almost exactly what Trump and Ryan promised, except for covering everyone and lowering premiums and providing better coverage.

But you knew they were lying, right?

The Greatest Healthcare Plan in the World (Trumpcare) is a 123-page bill that would cover fewer people, allow insurers to sell lower-quality insurance, and dramatically raise prices for the poor. The primary beneficiaries of the plan appear to be members of the middle class, who might receive a larger tax credit, and the rich, who would enjoy a sizable tax cut.
Instead of subsidizing enrollees based on income, Trumpcare would provide refundable tax credits based primarily on age. (The G.O.P. plan would also account for no variation in costs between regional markets, which could disproportionately hurt rural consumers.) Medicaid expansion would survive but the burden would be placed on the states--most of which are already up to their necks in debt.
Young, healthy people can choose to forgo insurance until they need it, if they are willing to incur the penalty, the elderly would see much higher premiums without Obamacare’s subsidies—especially if they end up shunted into higher risk pools. Higher risk pools---higher premiums.
AND here's a question: Will Congress be required to buy Trumpcare??
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Originally Posted by goober View Post
The current bill doesn't do any of those things, because it's so bad that even Republicans will vote against it.
That means back to the drawing board, to come up with a bill that does everything the GOP promised.
For that you don't need Lyin' Ryan and the Brilliant Businessman (was that 6 or 7 bankruptcies?).
No, for the Health Care the GOP promised, you need Christ riding a cloud down from Heaven, to magically heal the sick.....
Frankly, I sincerely hope, obamacare - back door to slavery, will swiftly be repealed by the US Congress, without any replacements: obamacare is unconstitutional and the US federal government does not have revenue to fund it or any other similar program.
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