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Originally Posted by guy39 View Post
Asked? You mean forced comrade
Sieg heil
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Originally Posted by BS Filter View Post
Why should I subsidize someone else? No one subsidizes me.
You don’t have any car/home/health insurance then?

Because if you do, you are being subsidised and are subsiding other people already.
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Originally Posted by imaginethat View Post
More political fear mongering.
Myth #5: Canada rations health care; the United States doesn’t.

This one’s a little bit tricky. The truth is, Canada may “ration” by making people wait for some things, but here in the United States we also “ration” — by cost.

An 11-country survey carried out in 2010 by the Commonwealth Fund, a Washington-based health policy foundation, found that adults in the United States are by far the most likely to go without care because of cost. In fact, 42 percent of the Americans surveyed did not express confidence that they would be able to afford health care if seriously ill.

Further, about a third of the Americans surveyed reported that, in the preceding year, they didn’t go to the doctor when sick, didn’t get recommended care when needed, didn’t fill a prescription or skipped doses of medications because of cost.

Finally, about one in five of the Americans surveyed had struggled to pay or were unable to pay their medical bills in the preceding year. That was more than twice the percentage found in any of the other 10 countries.

And remember: We’re spending way more on health care than any other country, and for all that money we’re getting at best middling results.

And that was in 2010. I doubt things have improved but I'm sure medical care costs have increased.
So Canada is better also in Healthcare than US of America ?? In otherwises it is hockey Canada's best Sports not USA's best in Winter Olympics actually.
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