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Support the Illegal Immigrants!!!

I have created a website, Supporting legal and illegal immigration. Teaching America about the need for Immigrants and the difficulties they encounter in trying to enter the USA to visit and to become legal citizens.. They aren't bad people trying to screw America; they are just trying to get by in a harsh unforgiving country. The point of my website is to show why they come illegally, because the government is taking too long processing applications, 13 YEARS, is just too long. And I am not trying to spam, it's just hard to answer the same questions over and over again, and argue with so many at one time, which can keep me in a forum all day and I have children, so I created a website with the facts and my opinions to try and get the point across to everyone all at once, without having to sit here all day arguing. Don't forget to visit our forum, sign our petition to Congress, take our mini poll and send a funny e-card!!! Please check it out and pass it on. And I welcome any feedback as I am not a professional, just a human being trying to make a difference.


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Support America and the Rule of Law

I've created TWO websites supporting the Rule of Law, American Sovereignty and American Culture.

Illegal immigration is the most important domestic issue faced by this country today. The potential exists for the United States to become an unrecognizable, third world country should illegal immigration go unchecked.

While it's fine and perfectly natural for people to want to better their lives, it is not fine to violate the laws and sovereignty of the guest nation. Immigration exists to benefit the guest nation and anything counter to this is detrimental to the country.

The effects of illegal immigration on the American people are many and all are damaging. These effects include an overcrowded and dumbed down education system, strained health care system, outright displacement of the American worker and severe wage depression for the American worker. The straining of social services on every level of government by those that are not entitled nor contribute to their existence. Illegal alien crime is another aspect of open borders and amnesty. Illegal aliens are three times more likely to commit crimes than average citizens. The incarceration and human costs of which are staggering.

Amnesty was tried in 1986. Amnesty failed miserably as we went from 3 million illegal aliens to as many as 30 million illegal aliens. Amnesty and any prospect of it is yet another magnet for illegal aliens. It's like holding out a "illegal alien help wanted" sign. We must never give amnesty again. We must encourage illegal aliens to leave the United States by mercilessly enforcing our laws to the maximum extent. We must fine illegal employers to the same extent and prosecute them to the fullest. They are the elites that are driving this class warfare.

The United States was built upon the foundation of the Rule of Law. One set of laws for all of the people. What we have today is one of laws for citizens and a different, more liberal set of laws for illegal aliens. Anarchy is the result when the Rule of Law goes absent. That is where we as a country are headed today.

Those sites by the way are CT Citizens for Immigration Control and the other is in my signature. Thanks for allowing the counter point.
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Watch O'Reilly and Geraldo lose their cool and almost come to blows over Immigration!

Fiery debate: O'Reilly vs. Geraldo

Breaking News | News & Media | Latest Current - FOXNews.com
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I saw that. It was great. It's about time the issue of illegal immigration generates that type of passion.
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Originally Posted by CTPatriot
I saw that. It was great. It's about time the issue of illegal immigration generates that type of passion.

I really don't think illegal immigration is the problem. I think the problem is we make crappy products and are unable to compete in our own market as well as the global market from crappy managment decisions.
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illegal immagration is bad, because when people come here illegaly they will take any job as long as it pays.So the owner of the business will hire the illegal person because he or she will be willing to do any job for any pay,causing americans to lose there jobs.
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Originally Posted by DarkCarnaval
illegal immagration is bad, because when people come here illegaly they will take any job as long as it pays.So the owner of the business will hire the illegal person because he or she will be willing to do any job for any pay,causing americans to lose there jobs.

That's very vague and leaves too many holes... Most importantly, it's an oversimplification which in it's given form... simply is not true.
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My great grandpa was an illegal so I say nuttin.
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Illegal immigration is a major problem. Though outsourcing the production of everything American is a serious problem as well and maybe related to illegal immigration.

  • The rule of law: Our country is built upon the foundation of the rule of law. This essentially means one set of laws for one people with no one being above the law. Allowing illegal immigration is contrary to the rule of law. Providing amnesty is also contrary to the rule of law. When the rule of law goes absent, the end result is anarchy. We are fast approaching the state of anarchy. We are now a country with multiple sets of laws for different sets of people. This will, with all certainty, lead to this country's demise.

  • Jobs: Illegal aliens are taking the jobs of America's workers. Furthermore, their willingness to accept low wages drives down the wages of those Americans whose jobs they have yet to take. The kind of illegal alien we have today, is low skilled. Consequently, most of the job theft committed by illegal aliens has been in this sector which directly and negatively affects the poorest and most vulnerable American workers. They do not do the jobs Americans don't want to do. There is no such thing as a job an American won't do for a fair wage.

  • Education: Our schools are flooded with unscreened illegal aliens. This has put an undue burden on already strained, education budgets, leaving less for the youth of America. Many American students are forced to wait idly by while illegal aliens learn the language. Standardized test scores are being trended downward due to a large non English speaking student body. This further affects education funding. We are witnessing first hand, the dumbing down of schools due to a large population of non assimilating students and the American middle class gets the privilege of paying for their children's education to be ripped off. These unscreened illegal aliens may also be exposing our children to once eradicated diseases like tuberculosis and changas disease. It's also important to note, that central American's high school graduation rate is about 50%. We are in essence importing the most expensive and needy type of alien.

  • Health-care: There was a law passed in the mid 1980's called EMTALA. Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act mandates treatment of anyone that shows up at an emergency room. Whether they have the means to pay or not. Failure for a hospital to provide free treatment can result in fines to the tune of $50,000 per incident. Consequently, illegal aliens use emergency rooms around the country for their "primary" care.

    This abuse of our health care system has resulted in 84 hospitals closing in California alone. Our health insurance premiums skyrocket to make up for the free care illegal aliens receive. American's are forced to wait in line for medical treatment behind people that don't even belong in the country. Not only do they have to wait for medical care behind these absconders, Americans also get to pay for the privilege of doing so.

  • Crime: Studies have shown that illegal aliens are more prone to commit crimes. Surprise surprise. When the first act they commit while entering the country is a crime, is it surprising that illegal aliens have no regard for the rule of law, which leads to further crimes? The cost of incarcerating illegal aliens in California's prisons and jails amounts to about $1.4 billion a year (not including related law enforcement and judicial expenditures or the monetary costs of the crimes that led to their incarceration). That's just California. Studies have shown that illegal aliens are twice as likely to commit crime than legal residents and legal immigrants. The MSM tries to water down these stats by lumping legal immigrants with illegal immigrants when analyzing these crime stats.

  • Population: It is estimated that if we don't do something about illegal and legal immigration, our population will double in fifty years. Uncontrolled population growth will continue strain our agricultural and infrastructure resources and will continue to degrade our collective lifestyles. Unchecked population growth is reason enough to end the madness of massive illegal immigration. See this video which addresses this topic specifically. Immigration Gumballs

  • Our dependence on foreign oil will continue to grow rather than subside. On a per capita basis since the 1970's, American's energy usage has actually declined. The addition of 100 million more people, of which a third is here illegally, has forced the United States to remain energy dependent on the middle east.

  • Homeland Security: The southern border is not only wide open to illegal aliens, it is also wide open to terrorists. People that want to kill and maim Americans simply can walk over our southern border. There have been reports that terrorists have created and are running terrorist training camps in South America, specifically in an area called the tri-border region near Columbia.

My friends that think illegal immigration is not a problem or a big deal need to re-think their positions. It is in fact the most important domestic issue faced by our country today.

No politician can address any domestic issue honestly without first dealing with illegal immigration and the effects it has on all domestic issues. Any politician that says our domestic issues can be improved without first dealing with immigration is either stupid or a lier. In either case they shouldn't be a political leader.

We cannot and must not ever grant amnesty again. Amnesty isn't new. It was tried twenty years ago when the United States had 3 million illegal aliens. Now we have 30 million illegal aliens. History proves amnesty doesn't work and to contrary, causes more illegal immigration. When ever amnesty is spoken of, like presently, illegal border crossings go through the roof. Amnesty is as strong a magnet for the illegal alien as is illegal employment. Furthermore, granting amnesty to 30 million illegal aliens will dilute the voting power of every American. As these illegal aliens become eligible to vote, they will forever tip political scales in favor of policies that created the issue in the first place. This disenfranchisement of the American voter will forever change this country for the worst.

I can understand how easy it is to form the opinion that illegal immigration "isn't that bad" or "it's not that big of a problem" as the mainstream media refuses to report on illegal immigration in a forth right manner. America's public is being spoon fed the "kool aid" that illegal immigration isn't harmful to our country. This is further reinforced with about half our politicians of both parties spewing similar rhetoric.

It's also important for everyone to note that illegal immigration is class warfare and not political warfare. The American people have been sold out on the illegal immigration issue by both parties. It is not a Republican or Democrat issue although there are differences in overall positions. This has created an environment whereby the American people need to "think outside the box" for solutions to the problem.

I'll save for other posts why illegal immigration is the most obscene form of corporate welfare ever witnessed and why the present class of alien is different from legal immigrants of the past.

I believe the case above is strong enough to prove that illegal immigration is this country's most pressing issue, one that deserves the undivided attention of every single American citizen.
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We live in a country of 300millioni people. We have 30 million illegal aliens. That is 10% of our population - or, approximately 5 states.

How do we get get rid of these illegal aliens - and who is going to pay for it???? We're talking about evacuating the equivalent of five states. Who is buying 30 million plane tickets? - or even bus tickets?! Who is paying to track down the equivalent of every citizen in five states? Who is going to try them and deport them? Who is paying for the forests' worth of paper work involved?

I'm against illegal aliens - as are most people. But, we have to be realistic. To simply say "get rid of them" isn't going to solve anything.
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