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Uncontrolled immigration! When the Federal government places NO qualifying criteria on who's entering this country legally, then it most certainly is out of control. Not only are they NOT being properly vetted, the vast majority DON'T have the necessary education or skills needed. It then becomes a matter of supplementation by the American taxpayer. Immigration is not a right, it is privilege. A privilege this government is using as a political tool to the detriment of legal American citizens.
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Originally Posted by Sabcat View Post
Logical argument..? Surly you jest. We are talking about the regressive left here Logical argument...lol. Who needs logic when you have feels.

You see CaC, there are all of these poor, deprived hungry (insert immigrant race here). Just look at them, don't you want to help them? Their children?

What you don't? Haven't you read the poem on the statue of liberty? You sir, are a heartless racist! A nazi!!! Do you know what we do w/ nazis? We punch them.
I'm surprised that not one of these Liberal clowns has called me a White Supremacist because I support "Americans first".
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Originally Posted by Clara007 View Post
Trump's own family wouldn't get in.

Donald Trump this week unveiled his new immigration plan that would prioritize skilled workers who could speak English.
But if Congress had adopted such rules in the past then relatives of most of his cabinet - and ancestors of the President himself - would likely never have been admitted to America.
The immigrant backgrounds of many members of Trump's team are a matter of pride for them but our test suggests their ancestors' hopes of crossing the Atlantic to build new lives would have been broken on the rocks of the new immigration system the president wants Congress to pass.

Key advisers and cabinet members including his son-in-law Jared Kushner would probably have had their ancestors turned away because they were not desirable enough.
Vice President Mike Pence would definitely not be here as his grandfather was the penniless son of a tailor from rural Ireland.
DailyMail.com looked into the past of the President and his top aides to see who would have been allowed in under Mr Trump's proposed rules.
We also calculated an estimate of the score they may have received from a border agent upon their arrival, based on the guidelines from the Trump White House.

How did they do?? AND how about the first lady??

Read more: Trump immigration policy: His own family wouldn't get in | Daily Mail Online
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
They're in America now, that is really all that matters.
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Originally Posted by Clara007 View Post
Some of our RW friends have a default setting. No matter what the topic they default to Hillary....Polls....Weak Obama....BENGHAZI!!!...DJ'S "accomplishments".....the dead constitution.

Pick a topic. Any topic and see where it leads. LOL
Open Borders for Muslims are a good idea.

German Authorities Tipped off to over 330 War Criminals Among Asylum Seekers - Breitbart
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