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Learning From Victory

The parasite class glommed unto illegal alien children like a drowning man grabs his last breath of air before he goes under for good:


Tucker: The Left does not care about family separation | On Air Videos | Fox News

The wealthiest tax dollar parasites hate President Trump to be sure. Who will follow Trump if they fail to destroy him is the future parasites fear the most. It is not only the precedents Trump sets, it is a growing number of elected conservatives who will pick up where Trump leaves off that is driving the Left’s hatred. It is going to get a lot worse if the Democrat Party’s predicted Blue Wave fails to make a wavelet.

The most influential parasites controlling public discourse —— media moguls & Hollywood perverts —— are losing ground. They learned nothing from their defeat in 2016. Trump beat Hillary Clinton regardless of the parasite class’ all-out effort to elect Hillary. Candidate Trump grew stronger with every personal attack Democrats could invent. The same thing is happening with illegal alien children. I pray that Trump learned from his victory.

Finally, libs did learn one thing. Never threaten to leave the country before our guy is sworn in. Not a one of them left after Trump won.

p.s. I did not give up my dream:

They might leave in 2019 when the Blue Wave flattens out.

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Originally Posted by Flanders111 View Post
I pray that Trump learned from his victory.
It looks like Trump learned nothing. He has to be a bigger B.S. artist than I thought if he signs anything Paul Ryan hatched. The filthy lying scum in Congress will pass amnesty one way or another. “Humane” is the latest lie:

President Trump urged House Republicans to get an immigration bill to his desk during a closed-door meeting Tuesday evening, vowing to stand with them “1,000 percent” as they attempt to pass legislation meeting his demands.

“I am behind you so much. We need a wall,” Trump told Republicans in the Capitol’s basement. “I am with you all the way. It’s humane; it’s smart; it’s inexpensive.”
Jeez, the bullshit artist even sounds like a sales manager setting a goal for his sales force:

“We are going to get this done. I’m with you. I love you people,” Trump added.
Trump vows to stand with House GOP '1,000 percent' on immigration
By Scott Wong,Melanie Zanona and Mike Lillis - 06/19/18 07:24 PM EDT

As sure as the sun will rise in the East every day Republicans will lose Congress in November if just one illegal alien gets amnesty. Ann Coulter is wrong about the WALL, but she is right about everything else:


American workers don?t want amnesty: Ann Coulter on immigration | On Air Videos | Fox Business
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>implying trump is victory
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So Flanders....arguing with your past self, huh?
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learning, victory

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