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Originally Posted by GluteusMaximus View Post
Wow, you just can't stop parroting the RW lies, can you?

I like how they checked "criminal background" in an era when computers and databases didn't exist and there was no way of contacting the foreign countries for validation....

You guys can't even make up PLAUSIBLE lies
They count on everyone being as gullible and dumb as they themselves are.
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I wouldn't call that extreme vetting !!!!! A quick medical check, no blood work, no x-rays followed by a TWO minute interview with the inspectors ?? No back ground checks. No formal identity checks. My friends from Africa went through FAR more to stay here.

After reading more of the thread I realize what the problem actually is. TNV has NO IDEA WHAT VETTING ACTUALLY IS !!!!!! Vetting has little to do with HEALTH. Not letting in sick people was just common sense. WE go through more "vetting" to get a drivers license. Even more to get a passport. Hell I get more "vetted" every time I check into a hotel than those people did coming into the country.

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I never got around to reading the OP of this thread...but, I started wondering "who" is to be shipped back to France! I guess the Fortress America Right in America today is really feeling guilty now about having Lady Liberty standing out there in the New York harbor, now that they've gone from policies that intentionally cause death by exposure in the Arizona and New Mexico deserts to being a little more proactive now by using solitary confinement and possibly...or very likely torture as well, and ripping young children away from their mothers for the crime of seeking sanctuary in America today!
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Originally Posted by Flanders111 View Post
To PMB: Are you serious! You sound like those Lefties who sneered at stopping the spread of Communism in Korea and Vietnam. Ten years after Americans Communists brought defeat to their own country in Vietnam RR was fighting Communism in this hemisphere. By the time Ronald Reagan took office Communists had acquired so much political power in Congress those loyal Americans in RR’s administration had to defend this country covertly.

You apparently do not know that Americans are proud of fighting against Communism anywhere, any time, anyway. You and your kind hate Ronald Reagan for defending this country, while this is the guy you wanted as your president:

Incidentally, Colonel North took the brunt of Democrat attacks on Oran-Contra. No doubt you are choking on this one:

Last weekend, the Idaho Republican Party held their annual convention. One of the main speakers during the event was newly-elected NRA President Oliver North. Naturally, Oliver's presence brought gun control proponents out to protest.
LISTEN: Idaho GOP Rep. Receives Threatening Voicemails, Emails Because of This Facebook Post
Beth Baumann
Posted: Jul 08, 2018 12:40 PM

p.s. For your edification the Chicago sewer rat’s open-borders policies not only made it easy for MS-13 gangs to come here Democrats protect them in sanctuary cites. Worse still, Democrats calling for abolishing the ICE is the same as demeaning the U.S. military à la Vietnam.
You really don't have a fucking clue do you? Ollie was violating an arms embargo by selling weapons to the Iranian Government and sending some of that money to drug trafficking so called 'Contra' rebels in Central America.

Yet you can't connect the dots even on this one! The death squads aided and abetted by the Reagan and later administrations to keep America's favorite oligarchs in power, are most of the source of the refugee migrations from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras today. The only reason why their original target- Nicaragua doesn't face this level of desperation today is because they never allowed the landowning oligarchies to take back all the land and control government and police like they did up till the Sandinista Revolution.

Instead of building walls, seizing babies, and killing border crossers, and financing psychopath criminals by creating ICE, why not end the support for the proxy criminals the US installed in Latin American countries and let them restore their nations' health?

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