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Originally Posted by Sabcat View Post
Liberal at one time referred to classical liberal. Not even close anymore. The "party" has changed a lot im my lifetime and even more in just the last 5 or 10 years. I would have been considered by most just a few years ago as a liberal. I am pro choice,.pro drugs, i marched and fought for gay rights before it was "cool" . I am anti police state, think the police are out of control (i was at the 1st two BLM marches in Minneapolis) i marched against the fed just to name a few things that have made many of my family and friends call me a liberal.

Today i feel it is very simple. It is collectivists vs individualists.

All of the things i listed above come down to personal liberties just as i also believe in gun rights, that income tax is theft, private property, i am against the minimum wage.

It all comes down to personal liberty. Democrats believe that the state is the solution. The needs of the many and all of that.

Define collectivists and individualists. This ought to be good.
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Originally Posted by Clara007 View Post
Define collectivists and individualists. This ought to be good.


Well, this explains a lot.

Here ya go


What is Collectivism?

In collectivism, it is some sort of group rather than an individual who is at the centre of all social, political, and economic concerns, and issues. Those who are proponents of this ideology say that the interests and claims of groups (it may even be a state) supersede those of individuals. Thus, a society being a group is considered to be superior to an individual. It is treated as some sort of super-organism over and above individuals that make it. Collectivism believes in the subjugation of the individual to a group, which may be family, tribe, society, party or a state. Individual has to sacrifice for the collective good of the people. The proponents of collectivism consider their stand to be superior to those of individualists as they are morally superior thinking of the collective good of the group or the society.

What is Individualism?

The focus of all thinking in individualism is the individual. When talking of political ideologies, classical liberalism comes closest to this thinking as individual human being is taken as the central unit of all analysis. It is not that an individual is any different from the society. However, an individualist, even while remaining within the society thinks about his own personal interests. This doctrine believes that society is there, but it is ultimately made up of individuals who choose and act. The foundation of individualism lies in one’s moral right, to pursue one’s own happiness. However, it is not in contradiction with collectivism as it believes that it is necessary for individuals to preserve and defend institutions that have been made to protect one’s right to pursue happiness.

Difference Between Collectivism and Individualism

Thanks from guy39 and Jimgorn
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Originally Posted by imaginethat View Post

Always question authority
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The Democrats supported slavery that was a long time ago....They just changed the name to Welfare...same thing...
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