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Palestine aggression

Begin gave up Sinai, hoping to «buy» Peace in exchange for Land. Oslo accords were based on the same hope, however, we have discovered, that Israel has no territory to give up. In the contrary to Egypt, the Palestinians weren’t satisfied even with maximal Israel’s concessions. The talks, provided by Olmert’s government, which was ready to divide Jerusalem and to perform land swaps, giving Gaza multiple increase of territory, these talks were blown up by the Palestinian side. We learned, that there’s no peace with Palestine in exchange for land, which actually ended in the previous concessions.

The problem with the Oslo agreement was that it excluded from the trade most of All Palestine territory, that is Jordan. We argue with Palestine about small piece of land, 30.000 square km, 50% of which is actually Negev desert. Most of All Palestine territory (90.000 square km), that is Jordan, is not disputed.

The Palestinian narrative about Land, stolen by the Jews, is Big Lie. We cannot make Palestinians be satisfied, since we have no land which may satisfy Palestinian appetite. Therefore, the Palestinians support HAMAS, which demands complete annihilation of Israel and genocide of the Jews.

The Palestinian people know, that they are antisemitic aggressors, that their struggle is immoral. Therefore they relay on the antisemites, from Hitler to British Empire, Nasser, USSR, Europe or Iran. Therefore Palestinian People have developed the industry of antisemitic lies, readily consumed by antisemitic World.

Currently, both West Bank and Gaza are independent Palestinian states, existing along with independent Jordan Palestine.

There’s no one IDF soldier in Gaza, while Jewish population of Gaza was forcibly ousted from their homes, at the request of Palestinians.

There’s no one Jewish settlement on the West Bank Palestine territory. All Jewish towns and villages are placed in the territory of Judea and Samaria (the so called «C» zone) which remains under Israel sovereignty on the basis of Oslo agreements, in full accordance with the international law. Palestinian violation of Oslo agreements cannot abolish the validity of these agreements and of international law. The «C» territory (Judea and Samaria) is Israel, until new agreement will replace Oslo agreements.

The «Apartheid Wall» is built within the «C» territory, so it doesn’t violate Palestine sovereignty. Anyway, destination of the Protection wall is to protect Israel’s population from Palestine aggression, so we do have right to built it even in the sovereign Palestine territory.

Israeli occupation of the West Bank Palestine, forced by Palestine aggression, is legal and inevitable measure of self-protection against Palestine aggression. Did Palestinians stop their aggression and agree to the peace, the occupation may stop. Until now, the Palestinians did all to prevent the peace. They believe, that Israel will be annihilated at the hands of antisemites, be it Iran or Europe.

As Me already mentioned, Jewish right to the Holy Land is uninterrupted, not «distant». Jews always remained part of local population, even if minority. In addition, Jewish immigration from abroad lasts at least 1.000 years. The Zionists settled here yet before the ancestors of the Palestinians conquered Palestine. Ashkenazis started immigration to Palestine in 16 century, while last influx of Arab immigrants to Palestine started in 18 century and stopped in 1948.
All antisemitic slogans contradict history.

After all, I don’t deny Palestinians’ rights. My claim is, that Jews do have right to sit peacefully in Palestine and to have independent state, too.
Practically, the partition of Palestine is already performed. The conditions of acceptable compromise were discussed and well known. The dispute over small differences is quite resolvable, only Palestinian stubborn ambition to wipe Jews out stops any compromise.

BDS is not about compromise, since about genocide of the Jews. European sanctions are not about compromise, these are about annihilation of Israel. Antisemites don’t speak legal, fair solution, they speak punishment of Israel.

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