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Originally Posted by right to left View Post
I want to see the State of Israel, which is today has officers telling their soldiers to shoot-to-kill Gazans that approach the fences that have them walled in, treated in the same manner that Apartheid South Africa was a generation ago! Seems Ms. Portman stands almost alone among today's crop of what gets to be called "celebrities" by being principled enough to refuse to take the money on principle! No doubt, back in the 80's, when South Africa was in a similar situation...setting up it's own native bantustans to imprison its black population, most international celebs were afraid of the negative repercussions that would come with playing the Sun City Resort. But today, with none of the MSM paying any attention to the war crimes committed by Israelis...referring to the killings as a "conflict" between Israelis and unarmed Palestinians, and even worse: severe woundings of protesters who have almost no medical treatment to access in the Gaza prison camp, today's asshole, self-righteous celebrities (Radiohead) can feel free to go on tour and collect the cash in Israel and receive no criticism in mainstream media today. It's a different world today...and not for the better!
The difference of course being, the nomads calling themselves palestinians have no right to be there, palestinians do not exist, they are a made up people.

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Originally Posted by houseknight View Post
Boycott, divestment and sanctions are means of war for annihilation of the people of Israel. "Discrimination against Palestinian citizens" doesn't exist, and I'm witnessing this fact everyday.
The Palestinian "right of return" contradicts justice, since Israel absorbed much more Jewish refugees from Arab lands, and Holocaust survivers, than Arab lands did.
Israel does comply with the international law, while Palestine attempts to annihilate Israel break the law.
So, all Your accusations of Israel are false.
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Originally Posted by MichaelT View Post
Natalie Portman is an natural born Israeli citizen, she like many of her fellow citizens opposes the actions of Netanyahu’s government which she feels endangers the future of her nation.
To claim because of this she is biased against the nation of Israel and it's army is offensive nonsense.
The award to Natali came from Israeli People, not from Binyamin Netanyahu. In addition, Israeli people majority supports Binyamin Netanyahu. Finally, the method of discussion that chose Natali is unacceptable.

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