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Hamas: Gaza theater


To express anti-Semitic ideas, neither wisdom nor knowledge is needed. Quite the contrary, the more the anti-Semite is illiterate, the more chances for success he has. Example: Hitler. This semiliterate half-crazy propagandist was able to invent antiscientific «theories» because he had neither education nor common sense. And the fact that he managed to lose the war that Germany started with victories, was one of the consequences of his stupidity.

The same principle applies to modern anti-Zionists. Anti-Semitic ideas, including Palestinian propaganda, are based on lies and on ignorance of audience.

Whole enterprise of massive Gaza border breach is theatrical performance staged by HAMAS. Similar performance Hamas staged at Egyptian border just 10 years ago: “The 2008 breach of the Gaza–Egypt border began on 23 January after Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip set off an explosion near the Rafah border crossing, destroying part of the 2003 wall. The United Nations estimates that as many as half the 1.5 million population of the Gaza Strip crossed the border into Egypt seeking food and supplies”.

Nobody paid attention nor remembers that old story, simply because of Egypt is not a Jewish State.

Another expressive event happened in the course of 2014 Gaza war, investigated by Davis commission. During temporary ceasefire, Hamas fired 4 rockets against Gaza objects. One of these was Shifa hospital, while another was playground, fulfilled by kids and their parents. This last fire produced 20 more victims, mostly children. Naturally, Hamas blamed the victims on Israel. The UN commission failed to estimate that case.

This time Hamas seeks both to throw off feeding of Gaza population on Israel, and to urge worldwide interference on behalf of Palestine. The interference may include Iranian assault against Israel, too.

In the past, investigations initiated by the United Nations against Israel did not lead to the presentation of judicial charges. Goldstone himself admitted that his «investigative report was not suitable for filing a lawsuit.» Both Goldstone and Davis UN investigations were based on unprovable evidences of Hamas. Current accusations regarding the actions of the IDF against rioters on the border of the Gaza Strip come from Hamas and remain unproven. They correspond to the needs of anti-Semitic propaganda, but cannot be submitted to the court.

Here is last famous example: the death of a Palestinian nurse. Clearly, Israel is not interested in playing up to Hamas Gaza theater by killing a medical worker. Therefore, there are only two possibilities: the sniper’s mistake or … the case of Muhammad Dura, who was killed by his own compatriots who made of him «a victim of the Zionists» and «a symbol of the Intifada.» However, there is a third option, too: the nurse did not die. In the case of Muhammad Dura, it has not yet been proven that this teenager perished, maybe his death was staged as a part of Palliwood.

The incident with the nurse is still under investigation, but anti-Semites have already staged a worldwide frenzy, accusing the Zionists of a bloody crime. The Security council blames Israel for violating laws.

My conclusion is, that the spread of Palestinian anti-Semitic propaganda, and especially the works of Palliwood, is itself a crime. Moreover, whole «Gaza Theater» was designed to urge Iran ayatollahs to fulfill their promises. With that in mind, let’s consider what the Ayatollahs who run Iran are really preparing. Here’s what Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted on June 3rd, 2018:

“Our stance against Israel is the same stance we have always taken. #Israel is a malignant cancerous tumor in the West Asian region that has to be removed and eradicated: it is possible and it will happen.

Hamenei’s next step is re-newal of Uranium enrichment to the grade enabling WMD. Netanyahu is preparing to act against Iran with the purpose to prevent Iranian nuke, designed for genocide of the Jews. This way, the killing of Gaza nurse may trigger the third WW.
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