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Practical Minimum Wage

On this page, we will itemize a sample budget for a single person in order to analyze what a fair standard would be for a minimum-wage worker. It is our position that a person working eight hours a day, five days a week, at any job, should be able to support themselves to a minimum basic standard of living. This practical wage is necessary in order to elevate the class of working poor to contributing members of society. Working for anything less than what is needed to subsist on independently, is nothing short of slavery.

All figures are based on national averages, for a Federal standard.

RENT ------------------------------$1000
BASIC UTILITIES --------------$200
FOOD ------------------------------$300
CLOTHING -----------------------$75
TRANSPORTATION ----------$500
HEALTHCARE -----------------$350
MISCELLANEOUS -----------$400
Average Basic Monthly Expenses $3,025

A full-time job at 40 hours per week is 173.2 hours per month calculating 4.33 weeks in each month. To find a reasonable minimum wage, we divide the average basic monthly expenses figure, by the number of hours worked. For the average American worker to support themselves without government assistance or by borrowing beyond their means, that worker must earn...
Analyzing a Practical Minimum Wage |Minimum Wage Workers' Union of America

It is our position that people who want to live at a certain standard of living must seek the education, skills mastery and initiative to gain employment that provides them the means to live that lifestyle.

Paying people more than their contributions are worth is nothing less than a welfare state and demeans the human spirit that embraces reward for accomplishment and contribution, demoralizes the individual who strives for more than a hand out and diminishes the worth of every human being to the lowest denominator
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So you would say that a pretty girl blowing strangers in the back room is a greater contribution to society than the same woman cleaning toilets....
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How about $21 an hour. Which is what the minimum wage would be around if productivity stayed along side wages.
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Unless you are a rich Republican in the upper 1% of wealth, you are just another fly on a huge piece of shit.
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You mean that corporate America manipulating our labor supply by sending millions of our jobs to cheap labor Third World countries had absolutely nothing to do with the supply-demand dynamic ? You think that the country with the highest standard of living wasn't going to be hurt the most when the world labor market went global ? It's not really rocket science.
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